Billionaire Imperialism

Here’s a good example of American imperialism, whereby rich and greedy American billionaires fund the sabotage of democratic institutions in foreign countries to further their own ideological and economic interests.




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  1. abc says

    Is it okay for those “greedy” billionaires to fund right-wing causes by subverting democratic institutions?  There are many examples of that kind of behavior, so I was wondering whether they receive equal condemnation.  Or do the ends justify the means, especially where right-wing causes are unquestioningly noble ends to pursue at all cost??

  2. Mike Devx says

    I was impressed by how organized in her thoughts and ready the lady was.

    That was a very entertaining and informative video.  I had no idea the environmentalists were so focused on shutting down the thriving, robust Western Canadian economy.  The Albertans are not going to take this lying down.

  3. jj says

    I’m kind of curious as to who would be a ‘right-wing’ billionaire.  I certainly don’t know all the billionaires, but aside from Trump and Malcolm Forbes – who’s on the right?  (If you grant that Trump, who’ll fund anybody who’ll have some regard for his interests, is.)  Not Soros.  Not Gates.  Not Allen.  Not Buffet.  Not Jobs.  Not Peltz.  Gore’s getting close to billionaire status, I suppose – certainly not him.  I know a couple of very quiet, below-the-radar- types who have assiduously avoided the various lists and have never been named (Meadow Brook Club/north shore Long Island/old Palm Beach family types – money so old it just doesn’t ever surface.  You never heard of them, and one of the reasons for that is that they don’t do things that might ever get them within a million miles of being in the news, so take it as read: they don’t ‘fund’ anything, beyond stuff like the Bronx Zoo, various nun-run orphanages, (they still exist) etc.)
    I’m pretty curious as to who these right-wing billionaires who do all this stuff might be.  For every one, I’d bet there are fifteen coming at it from the left.  Maybe twenty.

  4. abc says

    Sorry to not respond sooner.  My son’s team won the LA area-wide under-10 soccer championships.  He played with a strained patellar tendon and still made key stops.  In short, I had more important things going on…

    To answer your question, Charles and jj, I would point you to the funding of the Koch Brothers, or Richard Scaife, as examples of right=wing billionaires interfering with government via tons of funding for highly partisan causes (e.g., anti-union, anti-global warming research, etc.).  Is your reading so ideologically biased that these examples, which are well known, would escape you?

    And Y, George Soros is hardly a right-wing ideologue, but he promoted anti-Communist groups in his native Hungary and other former Soviet satellite nations.  He does fund CATO and several other right-wing leaning think-tanks. 

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