The Navy SEALS and Charlie Sheen — brothers under the celluloid skin

Both the SEALS and Charlie Sheen have been in the news lately, the SEALS for an extraordinarily well-planned, brave and effective operation, and Charlie Sheen because he’s a drugged-out piece of human detritus.  Did you know, though, that the two — that is, the SEALS and Sheen — have something in common?  Yup, they do:  A movie!

Back in 1990, Charlie Sheen starred in a movie called Navy SEALS, with Sheen playing (cough, cough, giggle) the second in command of a SEAL platoon.  You can read the silly, turgid and formulaic plot here.

The one interesting thing about the movie, aside from Sheen’s role as a (cough, cough, giggle) SEAL commander, is that the movie has a Muslim as the terrorist bad guy.  The seeds for PC are already in place, because the terrorist gets to explain that his terrorism was inspired, not by his religion and culture, but as revenge for the fact that the U.S. Navy bombed his home.  Nevertheless, the mere fact that Hollywood could even contemplate a Muslim bad guy just 21 years ago reminds us how far our country has traveled down the dhimmi, politically correct road to its own destruction.

If you need a good laugh tonight, here’s the original trailer:

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    The best part of the trailer was the voice-over of Don LaFontaine.  I think I recognized the voice.
    The PC dreck got it’s head start at least by 1979. Jimmah the dhimmah demanded that the Shah step down and get that nice fella in place, Khoemeini.

  • Libby

    I saw this a long time ago…As I recall, the female love interest of one of the SEALs, played by Joanne Whalley, is a journalist with Middles eastern roots (maybe Lebanese?) and she may or may not be assisting the terrorists. You won’t see that in today’s movies – it hits a little too close to reality.