1. SADIE says

    Anyone counting?
    Bookworm: 1 pun
    Chris Muir: 3 puns
    I read or heard recently that Oscar Meyer was bringing out a new Weinermobile this year. I recommend they don’t ‘tweet’ about it – unless they already have ;)

  2. suek says

    Have you _heard_ Weiner???

    You know…it’s a German name. And if he pronounced it as his ancestors did, it would be “Whiner”. Which seems to me to fit a whole lot better.

    The man is _seriously_ obnoxious.

  3. Mike Devx says

    SueK describes Rep. Weiner: Have you _heard_ Weiner??? [...] The man is _seriously_ obnoxious.

    And that’s the long and the short of it.

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