More than one of these statements in this Guardian article must be a lie

Following Book’s trendy new tradition of “spot the lie”, I had to include this article from that renown bastion of conservatism (you know, those people wedded to their confirmation biases), the U.K. Guardian, reports on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard gleefully anticipating the explosion of Iran’s first nuclear bomb:


Ok, here’s where we play “spot the lie”.


You know it’s not true, right? Well of course it’s not. We know this because one of our very own contributors has mentioned that none other than (badda boom!) Seymour Hersh has confirmed that there is zero….I mean zero, nichts, nada, nichevo, rien evidence that Iran is working on a nuclear bomb.And because it is so written by an acceptable source, it must be so. It’s….science!


OK, false alarm. You can all go back to sleep now.









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