• Michael Adams

    I’ve read some krep lately by the sort of callow youth so familiar here, to the effect that Mrs Bachmann “only took in teenagers” or “only took in babies for about three months, until they could be permanently adopted.”  The way one knows of the callow youthfulness is that these people seem completely unaware of what is involved in taking in a troubled teenager, or of taking a baby for  three months and bonding with him or her, only to send them on to a permanent home.  I have not done it often, but we have done it.  No one who has done so would think of this as a light-weight sort of charity. Anyone who has raised his own teenagers would know what would be involved in taking in those abandoned by someone else.
    The great thing is, the people who may “feel” that Sarah Palin is an idiot, are,  nevertheless, inoculated now.  The  next time will be more difficult.  I realize that there is a meme being attempted now to the effect that Bachmann is crazy.  This just won’t fly, I suspect.  So, not only do I passionately agree with her very lucid exposition of our friendship with Israel, but also, I like that she put her money, even her life, where her mouth was, in the matter of the kids who needed love. Tough enough to lead, kind enough to trust her, yeah, I could go that way, in a heartbeat.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If she shoots dead enemies of humanity, that’d seal the deal for me. Just saying. Some bodies. All I need is some bodies as proof the person has the basic will required to do the job.