I want dinner with Obama

You’ve probably heard that Obama is trying to solicit small donors by holding a raffle, with the prize being a Barack Obama and Joe Biden dinner date.  I think we conservatives are making a huge mistake ignoring this raffle.  It turns out that one can enter without a donation, and I can’t think of anything more interesting than an all expenses paid visit with those two men.  I’m not sure they’d find the evening as delightful as I would, but what the hey, right?

Enter here.

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  1. Randall Woodman says

    If I win, I wonder if I can give my invitation to someone else.  If I can, I’d give it to Rush.  That would be an interesting conversation to watch.

  2. Charles Martel says

    Randall, they don’t call Obama Nancy Boy of the United States for nothing. He would run howling from a face-to-face encounter with Rush.

  3. roylofquist says

    If I were to win I would be extremely polite and courteous. When addressed I would wax lyrical about the surroundings and the food. “Sure beats Kate’s diner!”.

  4. Ocean Guy says

    I can think of countless things I’d rather do than have dinner with this President.  I’d love to win, just for the satisfaction of turning the invitation down.

  5. SADIE says

    Details are still sketchy, but my rumor has it ….
    Appetizer A-rude-gala salad

    Main Course Beef with au social jus-tice
    BYOC  (checkbook)
    If anyone has further details, please update the menu w/relish, of course ;)

  6. DL Sly says

    While I would love to win, knowing myself as I do, I know I couldn’t come anywhere remotely near civility with Xerxes’ and his pet foot boy.  So, I would give the invite to Sarah Palin.

  7. stanley says

    Rather than Rush, who would be polite though probably pointed, I would rather have someone along the lines of Bibi Netanyahu. Unfortunately unless BW can assume that mantle I don’t see anyone in Republicanville who is that brave and capable. Someone who, after dinner, would yell “what the F*** was that” at his chief of staff.

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