Is the Sky Falling? NYT Item Questions The One

Interesting item from the New York Times today about a “mischaracterization” (what we knucklewalkers call a “lie”) Obama made during the 2008 campaign. The lede:

“The White House on Wednesday declined to challenge an account in a new book that suggests that President Obama in his campaign to overhaul American health care, mischaracterized a central anecdote about his mother’s deathbed dispute with her insurance company.”

The Obama “narrative” is slowly unraveling. Even the true believers are getting sick of the guy. So expect more sniping at the edges as the whore media wait to see if Obama is losing his momentum. If so, they will throw him under the bus as fast as they can to make room for somebody else.

Speaking of—and I know this is a long shot—let’s say the Democrats do decide to toss Obama overboard. Who’s waiting in the wings? Could Hillary take advantage of the resentment among all the Demo women who saw how disgracefully the media and Obama treated her? Is there a Demo dark horse who’s been making waves off camera who could make a plausible case for being both the not-Obama and the not-GOP candidate? A superb tightrope walker?

How would the not-Obama position him/herself to get Demos and independents to the polls in large enough numbers to win the 2012 election? In a way we’re looking to design a successful campiagn from our opponents’ point of view.

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  • bizcor

    It has occurred to me that Hillary might run. Historically if an incumbent is challenged from his/her own party neither candidate goes on to win the election. So my bet is she will not run but who knows?

  • Don Quixote

    Not going to happen, though my predictive powers are very poor, so take it for what it’s worth. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    I don’t think it matters, Charles M. If Obama falls, the entire party falls. They “own” him and they know it.
    This is one reason that they will fight furiously and dirtily all the way going down.

  • jj

    Obama suffers from extraordinary arrogance – I would say “lawyerly arrogance,” but I don’t want to insult DQ. 
    I call it that because I was once in a suit with a guy who was a rather well-known NY lawyer.  [I’d tell you who it was – he just died, making him unlikely to sue me – but the firm lives on, so probably wiser not to.]  Anyway, we got him around a table for depositions, and his arrogance about the whole thing was such that he didn’t bother to do any homework or prepare for the deposition – he just winged it.  After all, he was the smartest guy in the room, right?  The upshot of that was that he talked in great detail in the deposition about a first meeting in his office in Manhattan with two other people – and me.  He was very detailed regarding who said what, and how people were talking over each other, interrupting, and just generally creating such chaos that he had trouble making sense out of it, and had to firmly take control of the meeting.  The only problem with this compelling narrative came when I was able – effortlessly – to bring in a parade of witnesses to verify that the closest I’d gotten to Manhattan on the date in question was Greenwich, CT.  I wasn’t within 45 miles of this meeting, where I evidently talked so much.  It got worse for him when one of the other two of the three of us who were supposedly interrupting and talking over each other also turned out not to be there – he was inspecting a warehouse he was considering buying in Jersey City, in New Jersey.  So the meeting was really with only one person, nobody was interrupting anybody – and our famous lawyer friend suffered from arrogance to such a degree that he didn’t even bother to look at his own past notes to prep for the depo.  Gotcha, smart-ass.
    This kind of arrogance seems common, and Obama has it in no small measure.  He has never yet produced a coherent narrative of his youth where the dates work out, or where it was physically possible for people to be where he puts them.  This is arrogance, and, like our friend in NY, it comes from the idea that he is, after all, a Harvard lawyer and therefore the smartest person in the room, any room.  He has no need to check his notes, or verify his memories.  Thus the world at large knows more about the actual facts surrounding his mother and her death then he appears to.
    His mother was in Indonesia when she became ill.  Indonesia – just like everyplace else on earth, according to liberals – obviously has a much better medical system than America does, so they decided she was suffering from appendicitis, and took out her appendix.  Oddly, this did not make her better.  So she went to Hawaii, where the poor benighted American medical apparatus told her she had cancer.  While she was in Hawaii the insurance our little hero tells us she did not have paid her bills, and her loss-of-work insurance even paid her a few bucks every month.  Her non-existent insurance in fact paid so well and willingly that it even financed a trip to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NY City, for her to get a definitive treatment plan set up.  Sadly, the horse was out of the barn.  After NY she returned to Hawaii, where, the condition having been essentially incurable from the beginning – made more dire by the Indonesian geniuses screwing around wasting time with her appendix – she ultimately died.  She was not deprived of treatment because she didn’t have insurance, she got Class-A treatment, including a stint at Sloan-Kettering on the insurance company’s nickel.
    So he’s either just lying – always a possibility, he often does – or if he’s not, his arrogance is so great he just assumes everybody will take his word for what happened and he can make it a useful narrative.  Either way, he is so arrogant he didn’t see a need to check his notes, either, and winged it.


    The operative word is ‘questions’. My best guess is that the NYSlimes is miffed. Could it be that some reporter dared to shout out a question? Who knows. It may just be a little bitch-slapping contest.
    A long-running tiff between the White House press corps and the West Wing over presidential access flared anew today when press secretary Jay Carney faced off with reporters over the right to shout questions at the president during debt talks.

    A superb tightrope walker?

    Oh Lord, please let it be Joe Biden the ‘gaffe master of ceremonies’ :)

  • Don Quixote

    Thanks, jj.  Why, if you do, do you think Obama’s arrogance matters to anybody?  He’s certainly gotten away with it so far.  BTW, I’m rarely the smartest person in the room and, if I am, I’m in the wrong room.  Much better to hang out in the Bookwormroom where the smart people are and learn from them.


    jj  – it’s not arrogance, it’s attachment disorder. 
    The reason for this may be neglect by parents, separation from parents due to death or divorce, and even due to physical or sexual abuse during childhood. Due to these circumstances, children slowly develop feelings of detachment, in that, they fail to form long and lasting relationships with anyone, and find it difficult to trust others. If not checked at the right time, this continues into adulthood, and ultimately becomes a serious psychological disorder …
    Take a look at the bullet points, Obama is 11 for 11.

  • Libby

    I agree that he is incredibly arrogant, but I also believe he has been sheltered from ever working too hard. If you look at his career path, he has avoided jobs that required real accountability, such as winning court cases or producing a profitable product or service in order to make payroll. Even when he was in leadership positions, such as w/the Tides foundation, he was never accountable for the results of his funding decisions. In addition, his charm and skill in speaking in generalities/making all parties involved believe he agrees with them have allowed him to operate relatively unchallenged. This is the price we’re paying for electing such an inexperienced president – he’s never had to make tough decisions or really compromise for the sake of the greater good. Factor in his issues from childhood that Sadie mentioned and we get a guy who just can’t deal with an opposition party that doesn’t want to give in to his demands, and a large part of the American public who is not charmed by him and his ideas.

  • jj

    Ah, well – you’re not at Ivy Leaguer, Don!  (Though I’m sure you’ve encountered it, by the boatload.)
    Obama’s arrogance does not, and will not, matter – except to those to whom it matters.  I do think the list of those to whom it does matter is an ever-lengthening one, but it will never include the media sycophants.  Regrettably, that’s practically all of them in the media.
    Agreed, Sadie – he is the poster child for affect disorders.  Throw in the other issue on top of it, and bad as he is on the national stage, and imagine what it must be like to have him around the house.

  • Michael Adams

    Sadie, you never cease to amaze.
    Did any of the rest of you see that he shows a lot of subtle signs of  having  been sexually abused as a child or very young teen? My wife spotted this first, during the campaign, because she sees a bit more television than I do.  I get a greater portion of info from radio and the interwebs. It’s in the stance, a kind of defensive posture. It almost, although not quite, makes us feel sorry for him.

  • Charles Martel

    Jack Cashill, in his masterful fiskings of Obama’s ghost-written books, has raised the possibility of childhood abuse of Obama. It is horrible to think that this lonely child was not only abandoned to Marxists but possibly to pederasty, too.

    But whatever sympathy we can feel for an abused little boy, it shouldn’t extend to electing such a damaged person to the presidency.  


    Abandoned, neglected, abused, ignored and dismissed – Obama in his youth and America today –
    The abused becomes the abuser.

  • jj

    Yes, Mike, it has been spotted, noted, and attributed to the most likely suspect, noted Commie pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, with whom he was parked in his youth. 
    And it is, I suppose, possible to feel sorry for him.  Or it would be if he possessed any shred of introspection, or capacity for at least making an attempt to be honest with himself, about himself.  As it is, he doesn’t make it easy to feel for him. 

  • Michael Adams

    Yes, we exchanged a look of stunned recognition when we first learned about FM Davis. Her intuitive assessment occurred in 2007, just as Himself was entering the national stage. The Davis part of the story emerged later. Martel and jj are absolutely right, of course. Sympathy for the hurt little boy/young teen should not translate into votes. A fair number of abuse survivors triage themselves out of the gene pool, don’t even have children, because they know the unfortunate statistics about the adult behavior of such kids.