Re-posting Bookworm’s day two in London

It appears that one of the things that got dropped between the old server and the new is Bookworm’s report on her second day in London, so I’m reposting it:


We spent almost all day today at the Tower of London. It is an amazing structure, encompassing almost 1000 years of British history. We saw the jewels, armor, torture instruments, garderobes (medieval toilets), yeoman of the guards, a Fusiliers’s museum, a tall ship passing through the drawbridge of Tower Bridge, and lots of medieval buildings.  We we all very impressed.

Afterwards, we took a bus to The Savoy Hotel, one of the fanciest hotels in the world. Along the way, we saw St. Paul’s, Fleet Street and the Strand. All very lovely. Tomorrow we may go to Bath or we may stay in the City.

London is cleaner than I remember. I feel surprisingly at home at home here. I’m not having problems with crossing the street, the accents are clear to me, and money and shopping feel natural, not foreign. I remembered how to use the subway maps, impressing the children with my competence.

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  • jj

    I don’t know how long this trip is slated to be, but if you’re there long enough to spill over into August, get up to Edinburgh for Festival Month.  And, of course, the Military Tattoo.  Hopefully when I cited this a couple of months ago you immediately made reservations(!).  If not it’ll be tough to get in – both to the city and the Tattoo – but it’s more than worth a try.

  • Michael Adams

    By all means, go to Bath, and fax me some Devon cream!  It’s also vpretty close to Stonehenge.