A stirring rant

From Sadie, who is filling my inbox with good ideas, comes this rant.  Like Sadie, I’m troubled by the lack of actual ideas, but it’s a good watch and does express a lot of people’s frustrations, so what the heck, I’ll post it:


Here is a video rant with no answers from a self-proclaimed “average guy”. Nonetheless, the video adequately conveys the frustration that many feel regarding the nation debt and the debt ceiling impasse.

He asks a few questions of the president and Congress, the first being “Are all of you completely crazy?”


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  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    That’s why they call it a rant.

    In any case, the completely avoidable crisis concerning the debt ceiling has to be resolved. As the Republicans control the lower chamber and Democrats the upper chamber and the Presidency, that means any bill with a chance of passage has to have support from both Republicans and Democrats. The rest is just political theater that puts the U.S. and global economies at risk. Substantial damage has already been done as investors are coming to the conclusion that the U.S. system is dysfunctional. 

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    Zach, they are right.  It is.