An alternative to AARP

Received a magazine today from the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Was a bit disappointed that the article suggesting repeal of taxation on Social Security made no serious effort to say how the lost tax revenue would be replaced (the one suggestion, get it from trial lawyers, while a good idea, wouldn’t begin to make up the difference).  Still, it is nice to see an organization for seniors that actually represents the interests of seniors.  if you are interested, this is the link to their web site.


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    that’s “American” correct at your leisure.
    I am a member. They’re new and they are trying and most importantly – they are NOT AARP.

  • Oldflyer

    I will have to check them out.  I dropped AARP many years ago.  Actually, I thought they were too strident on the issues.
    DQ,  it doesn’t seem like an issue.  I  think the tax on SS is a drop in the bucket of revenues, if that.  It is more an issue of promises made, and promises unkept.  Then too, there is a certain irony to the Government handing you money, then taking part of it back.
    However, as a consumption tax, or even a flat tax, advocate I suppose that I have no real objection to  SS  being part of the package.
    My primary interest is in simplifying.  When I use Turbo tax and learn to my disgust  that even that program overlooks elements  in a relatively uncomplicated return, I know the system is out of control.

  • jj

    There’s also Generation America, the anti-AARP. 
    Flyer, that’s: “there’s a certain irony to the government stealing money from you, then giving some of it back, from which they steal some more.”

  • Earl

    First, DO join AMAC….it’s cheap, there are benefits similar to AARP, and they aren’t working against your interests!!
    And we should attempt to replace the tax on S.S., which is really unjust, with Glenn Reynolds’ tax plan, which is to tax at 50% the post-government income of any political appointee or agency head that exceeds the government salary they were paid.
    Check out the details at

  • wemuss

    Another alternative, and one that has been around longer, is the American Seniors Association (ASA).  My wife and I belong, and I recommend it.