Sadie is feeling punny tonight. The link does tell a story, though.

From Sadie:


Can’t resist an opportunity for a pun and commentary – Watts Going On?

LONDON (AP) — New unrest erupted on north London’s streets late Sunday, a day after rioting and looting in a deprived area amid community anger over a fatal police shooting. Police deployed extra officers on London’s streets to prevent a repeat of Saturday’s violence in north London’s Tottenham area, which appeared to be quiet Sunday night. But disturbances broke out in Enfield, about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of Tottenham. TV footage showed riot and mounted police
patrolling the streets, and there were also images of smashed shop windows, and police with dogs detaining at least one man.
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  1. Charles Martel says

    If they had been Utes, the newspaper would have also waited until the very last paragraph to mention in passing that the youthththths were black.

  2. SADIE says

    Nothing says justice like a mobile phone. Obviously, the UK lacks UBS charges on the telephone bill.
    Pa. has deemed it a “right” that the poor have 250 free minutes monthly.
    The front window of Currys electrical store was smashed and the door of Argos was shattered after looters raided the stock room.
    Every handset was stolen from a mobile phone store.

  3. SADIE says

    British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office says he has cut short his summer vacation to lead the response to the escalating London riots — with violence and looting occurring for a third day across the capital.

    A step up from the esteemed politicians in our midst, who are hunkered down for their summer vacation, while Wall Street was “looted” today.
    Then the president spoke ….
    …and the market dropped another 250 points.

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