Sadie’s take on the American, uh, marriage

Money Problems Cause Divorce

Basically, it’s spenders vs savers plus values.

Organizing your divorce

Again, basically it’s create a budget, cut monthly spending, consolidate and reduce.

Seems simple enough advice from

Isn’t it where we are now .. in the divorce court of public opinion. Alimony and child support issues are not much different than what we think we are owed and what is actually due and the child support questions are entitlement programs.

The marriage of the two parties is on the rocks and the couple is still living in the same house. It’s a divorce that cannot take place without bringing down the big roof. Does the “couple” stay together for the sake of the children. Does it set a good/bad example? It’s not as though you can wait for the children to grow up and then part ways – there’s always another on the way. The couple likes the house they’ve been living in and they’re asking all the kids to chip in, so that they can live in style. Never mind, that some of those kids are now grown men and women and no longer want parents dictating where or how they should live.

The parents are also growing older and it’s time to down size, before the house needs a new roof.

Can this marriage be saved?

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  • Charles Martel

    Well it’s pretty obvious to me that SADIE is referring to the split here in Bookworm Room between those who think Book actually went to Europe and those who think she secretly highjinked at that gourmet nudist camp outside of Sun Valley.

    What gave it away for me was Book’s references over and over to the high heat and humidity of every place she visited. I happen to know that’s not true. I read the same travel brochures she does, and every cruise line out there swears that while Europe in summer may be sun-kissed, it has a benign, wonderful climate. It is obvious to me that Book was phoning it in, sending boilerplate from her hot tub at Hemingway’s place about “Ooooh, it’s so hot here” and “Ewww, these Euros should bathe more.”

    So, no, SADIE, after a fib like hers, this marriage can’t be saved.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m still waiting for this supposed man made global warming to make me some beach front property…

    where they at? How long before the heat melts the ice and we get the whole Atlantis FLOOD which happened all over? 


    The next time you run into her, check for tan marks 😉

    Btw…considering the S&P “new” rating, I wouldn’t recommend them for marriage counseling.