I guess that, in some quarters, the notion of wholesome young women is obsolete

Too tired to expand on the above post caption, but if you read Zombie’s essay, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

By the way, this is what wholesome used to look like in America:


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  • Libby

    I read the entire essay and my brain hurts. I’m so glad that  I’m married – it must be really confusing to be young and attempting to find someone special to settle down with (forgive my outmoded Christian, patriarchal values of marriage & family). These women are crazy and scary.


    Misfits. What’s the plural of Miss Fits?

  • suek

    Not exactly on topic, but this essay by Bill Whittle kind of fits.  He discusses culture and its determination of who and what we are.  So…with the change in what we are, what happens to our culture?

  • DL Sly

    “Misfits.  What’s the plural of Miss Fits?”


    Any and all of the above?

  • MacG

    Sadie: “What’s the plural of Miss Fits?”

    Her identical twin?

    Hey I know Miss Fits.  Poor thing, she does not fit in and she has a mild fit about it.  She is the founding member of the itty bitty fitty club.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    After I watched some Japanese anime and movies, I was also looking at some of America’s movies before 1960 or 1970.

     I got to tell you. It was like a whole different country. That was America? It looked more like Japan in 2000…


  • Charles Martel

    I have to hand it to Zombie. Despite plunging into and being surrounded by some incredibly broken human beings, he manages to keep his sense of proportion and humor. If you’ve ever watched a San Francisco “progressive” demonstration, it is one of the most depressing sights on earth. Seriously confused, or angry, sullen, inarticulate, asocial people, goaded by their inner demons, shuffle along giving the finger or a shout to a terrible world dominated by ravening Jews/capital/male genitalia/unfair dope laws.

    There is a great tonic, though. Every January the Walk of Life march draws about 30,000 pro-life people to walk up San Francisco’s front yard, the Embarcadero, from the Ferry Building to past Fisherman’s Wharf. A large percentage of the demonstrators—all of them peaceful and smiling—are high school and college girls. They are clean, articulate, humorous and aware. Some of them are downright radiant. So, Book, there are still large numbers of wholesome girls in America, and thousands of them have cojones enough to march into the heart of darkness.

    The beauty of it is how much they stand in stark contrast to the sullen clumps of dirty, sketchy people that loiter on the sidewalks and yell obscenities at them. For the casual bystander, it’s easy to see why San Francisco-style “progressives,” once they are placed beside normal people, are such turn-offs. Who wants to live life caked in mental and spiritual filth?

  • suek

    suek from the link you sent…

    A teacher, Francis Gilbert, wrote five years ago in his book Yob Nation: ‘The public feels it no longer has the right to interfere.’

    Five years later….

    Three men accused of being involved in the shooting of a Philadelphia bus after one passenger complained about another are being held for trial.
    Prosecutors played surveillance video of the shooting in court Thursday. Cameras mounted in the city bus show men outside brandishing guns and passengers hitting the floor.
    Authorities say the June 18 violence was spurred by a passenger who chided a female rider for disciplining her son on the bus. The female then made a cellphone call.
    Three men were waiting for her when she got off in North Philadelphia. Two were armed. Authorities say one fired 13 bullets into the bus as it drove away. No one was hurt.

  • suek

    Can you say “Lord of the Flies”?

    Who’s raising the children?

    I saw videos of that incident – taken from the bus cam. Pretty unbelievable.

    At least they were lousy shots.

  • Charles Martel

    “At least they were lousy shots.”

    I think that’s why the two Mikes (Adams and Devx) are fairly confident that if gangbangers came to civilized areas where people are armed for self-defense, not for preying on their neighbors, they are going to get their clocks cleaned.


    Who’s raising the children?

    suek, great title for a book.

    The story has gotten a lot of press locally and I think the hearing or trial is coming up in September.  Philly’s, Mayor Nutter went on a nice rant in his church last Sunday on the “marauding mobs of yoots” and told them (I’ll paraphrase here: Straighten up and fly right or get out of town – we don’t want you here). I am sure I heard a collective AMEN even 15-20 miles away from the city. My heart broke for the 80 year old woman on the bus, who at first did not realize what was going on. She eventually, got on her knees to dodge the flying bullets.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The village is raising the children… right?


    Yes. The village idiots.