Of course corporations are people

Romney, when he said “corporations are people” was correct in two ways:  (1) As a matter of law, corporations are considered people, an approach that justifies taxing them.  (2) Corporations are agglomerations of people:  they are owned by people, run by people and provide goods benefiting people.  It’s a Marxist delusion to pretend that something that has a legal identification to improve functionality and accountability is entirely divorced from humanity.  No people, no corporations.  No corporations, dramatically less in the way of wealth, innovation, services, health care, roads . . . indeed, anything that adds quality to our lives today.

Thank goodness for corporations.  They should be policed so that their aggregation of human power — and with that human power, wealth — does not allow them to avoid or break rules to the detriment of people’s health and immediate well-being, but they are one of the gifts of our modern era, and we should be grateful, not resentful.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I do believe, in the interest of intellectual honesty, that all those that rail against corporations should promptly divest themselves of all material goods and services that have been made available to them by corporations. Only then will I take those pathetic little people seriously.

  • pst314

    “It’s a Marxist delusion….”
    But a natural one. After all, the ultimate purpose of Marxism is to make even individuals non-persons. Marxists loudly proclaim how much they love “the people”, but only in the theoretical abstract. Real flesh-and-blood people are mere meat for their statist sausage machine.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Danny, actually, I think you should check out the investment strategies of the rich and the politicians. Ever wonder why politicians make far better returns on the stock market and mutual funds than normal citizen traders ever did or could?

     How much you want to bet that Democrats who rail against big oil, have bought and sold short commodities like oil or stocks of the same?