I’ve got friends in high places

This is quite the Saturday.  Not one BUT TWO of my friends have been published today at American Thinker.

Navy One, who blogs at The Mellow Jihadi, and has for years been a Bookworm Room visitor, has a great piece there, a rumination (and book review) about Navy life, non-Navy life, and dogs.  In keeping with his other writing, it’s a gentle reverie that makes some excellent points.

Sally Zelikovsky, who started Bay Area Patriots, writes about the way in which our culture encourages young women to engage in dangerous behavior that gets them killed.  It’s not a blame the victim article, it’s a blame the culture article.  Every parent should read it, as should every young woman.

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  1. SADIE says

    Odd thing about the “young women” – they are the same young girls/women, who would never leave the bathroom door open, while sitting on the toilet (wanting privacy) and their parents would never leave the front door unlocked and opened (wanting safety and security). And yet … they have no problem inviting a stranger “into their body.” 
    A total disconnect between the portals of their mind and body.

  2. Mike Devx says

    Do you think perhaps they have been lulled into a false sense of security: That the world is a safer and kinder world than it actually is; that it is as safe as the community where they grew up?

    I know that was the big shocker I got from 9-11, when my worldview shattered: The world is a much meaner, more vicious and darker place than I had previously assumed. These girls, flush with the freedom of “liberation”, and not trained that with freedom must come responsibility, are simply sheep for the wolves.  And every so often, yes, they run into the wolves.


  3. says

    Omg, they finally caught that killer. Joran_van_der_Sloot

    I saw this case on fox back when I was still watching cable news. I completely missed his 2010 and other little things going on.

    They finally got him. And the Peruvian police worked him over proper. Unlike the Dutch Aruban “soft interrogations” that were designed to allow the defenders to line up their stories.

    I believed at the time that this guy would walk, because the body was probably dumped at the sea, so there is no physical evidence and the Aruban police was either bought off or corrupt to begin with, protecting the “locals”.

    Well, Peru has no reason to protect a foreign murderer inside Peruvian borders.


  4. SADIE says

    Time to break out an old book…

    “Roseann Quinn, a 27-year-old New Yorker, visits Tweed’s Bar on the Upper West Side and is picked up by her soon-to-be killer. The incident inspires the cautionary novel and subsequent movie Looking For Mr. Goodbar. For many, Quinn’s murder represented the dark side of the sexual revolution. At Tweed’s on New Year’s night, Quinn had met John Wayne Wilson, an outwardly charming, but seriously disturbed man who was dealing with problems of sexual identity and orientation. He was homosexual but refused to admit it to himself, leading to violent feelings toward women. At his home later that night, Wilson beat Quinn, stabbed her numerous times, and sexually assaulted her before finally killing her. Before he could stand trial for his brutal crime, Wilson hanged himself in jail in May 1973.

  5. says

    Way back when the Natalie Holloway case first showed itself, I suspected that the drug used, PCT or date rape, either produced an overdose or she was choked to death while semi-conscious. The Aruba police, being unprofessional or bought off, then let the suspects get together and plan their deception campaign. With the help of the judge-father, they were able to circumvent a lot of things, as well as get rid of physical evidence.

    The confession later on that he dumped her body in the ocean (with lead weights) would probably be the most convenient way to do it. Far better than digging a hole somewhere and burying her in it. The killer also wasn’t knowledgeable enough about drugs to have made up the whole “seizure” thing, and since that lines up with what I had always expected to have happened, it makes for a consistent scenario.


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