Slogans for 2012

At Ricochet, Patrick Gibbs is thinking about the 2012 election and the need for good slogans.  Since you guys are the best, I thought you’d like to pitch in here or, if you’re Ricochet members, over at Gibbs’ post.  You already know my contribution:

“Barack Obama:  Why we pay double for quality chocolate products.”

I’m still buying my Guittard chips, but what about people who don’t have my financial cushion?  Forget the price of gas.  It’s all about chocolate.

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  • JKB

    Hype and Chains

  • Charles Martel

    JKB, excellent! The chains part might go over the heads of the college crowd, though.


    They call it LEFT behind for a reason.

  • JKB

    What is really needed is a positive slogan for the Republicans.  Unfortunately, they have little credibility for smaller government, reduced regulation or being pro-small business.  

    We are the lesser evil, isn’t much of a slogan.

    We need something simple.  On Uncommon Knowledge, a biographer of Margaret Thatcher provided how she beat the unilateral disarmament crowd by calling it one-sided disarmament.  We need something like that as well.

  • JKB

    Less Government, More Fulfilling Life

    Capitalism:  Love it or Stop Profiting from it

    Tea Party:  Getting the Wrong People to do the Right Thing

    If you don’t like the road the country is on, turn right at the next vote.


    I guess Dumb and Dumber are out of the question. You are correct, we need not only something “simple” but something that sparks a fire.
    I think I’ll go with something “inner city” …OH NO, You Didn’t  – We Can. We Will.
    It’s takes a nice swipe at the Yes, we can b.s. 😉

  • Charles Martel

    Bumpersticker with Obama made up to look like Alfred E. Newman:

    “What, Me Worry?”


    Let’s go for it a full fledged Washington DC Comic strip.


    “Botox Woman” –

    “Scary Reid” – 
    “Janet Napalm –

    Eric “Cartman” Holder –
    and … Bowing Man-in-Chief

  • Mike Devx

    Restore America

    But really, it’s not important.  The Republican Party is going to try to barely sneak this one away from Obama.
    What’s really going on is this:  The Republican Party is also incapable of fixing our problems.  As JKB said in #4, “We’re the lesser evil” isn’t much of a slogan, but it’s the only one that pegs reality.

    To grasp the problem, you can translate our government’s financial problems to the level of a household budget where this year the breadwinner(s) made $21,000:   (That represents govt revenue of 2.1 trillion)

    Current budget:  $35,000   (represents 3.5 trillion)
    Current debt:    $130,000   (represents 13 trillion)
    This year’s deficit added to the debt: $14,000

    And the deal the Republicans and Democrats agreed on, would cut – in this family household budget – about $400 from the debt and this year’s deficit over ten years.  If I have the numbers right from memory.

    That’s right.  We’re adding $14,000 to the $130,000 debt in this year alone, and over ten years, we’ve agreed to cut $400 from our spending.

    That’s hopeless.  That’s financial DOOM.  So, “We’re the lesser evil” is all you can really say about the Republicans.  No one is serious.  And I’m terribly pessimistic that there is any hope for us at all.

    But anything is better than the current power-group headed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  They’re taking us to doom on an express train.  We can at least slow that train down a little bit.

    Your poor kids and grandkids are going to pay a horrifying price, though.  It’s criminal what’s being done to them.  It’s an outrage.  But Americans don’t realize yet the scale of the monstrosity that we are committing against our future generations.


  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not that the Republicans are unserious. It’s that the Republicans share the same view of the Left that most other people here or elsewhere have. They don’t think it has come to a point of extreme conflict or warfare yet. So why do people blame the Republicans for thinking and acting, exactly as people think and act about the Left? It’s just a matter of degrees. The Republicans may be stuck in 10 or 20 years in the past, but to me, most people concerning the LEft are still 8 years behind me on this curve.

     P_eople will do what their beliefs command. And if their beliefs say the LEft are harmless and just another political party… well, time to compromise then. And if Americans don’t like that about the American party, all they have to do is look at themselves in the mirror and ask how long it took them to change their mind about the Left. 

  • Mike Devx

    You want a positive slogan, but it should also remind you of what’s currently wrong.

    Obama sold the Independents a lie, and they were shocked when he got into office that he went in the directions he went.  Remind them.  Also, he’s been lying to them and deceiving them ever sense, and they know it.  So my slogan would be:

    Trust. Honor. Truth.

  • Old Buckeye

    I share Mik Devx’s assessment that the Republicans are not the best choice, but they may be the only option for betterment this time. I was also thinking along the same lines of trust, honor, and truth. Trying to weave in Republican R. So Mike’s Restore America, as well as
    Restore Truth
    Rebuild America
    Rebuild Our Nation
    Rebirth of a Nation
    Rebirth of Truth
    Rebirth of Common Sense
    Repair Trust

  • Don Quixote

    I like Rebuild America, but it brings up images of public works programs.

    Personally, I like Grow Up America or Let’s Put an Adult in the White House, but they are too in-your-face I guess.

    How about A Change for the Better This Time, or just A Change for the Better or The RIGHT Change?       

  • Libby

    I’m not good with slogans, but I would suggest somehow working in “Leadership”, assuming that the Republican candidate has leadership experience as a former governor. Leadership is something this country needs right now, along with returning to our founding principles.

  • MacG

    Riffing off of DQ how about lay out a plan, present the plan, stick to the plan, and call it EXACT CHANGE.

  • JKB

    To mix two of Old Buckeye’s suggestions:

    Restoring Common Sense…to Government


    Reintroducing Common Sense…to Government 

    These do leave out the old, DC Republican elites though. 

  • Charles Martel

    Obama’s face morphed onto Maynard G. Krebs’s:


  • Libby

    Maybe some variations on the “are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” question, such as:
    Is the country safer than it was 4 years ago?
    Is the economy stronger than it was 4 years ago?
    Is the U.S.A more respected than it was 4 years ago?
    Is the country’s reliance on foreign energy sources less than it was 4 years ago?
    So many questions we could ask…


    I don’t like slogans – they’re trite and condescending and remind me too often of just schlock advertising for some useless product or something you already own,  dislike and have over paid for (boy, does that ever sound like casting your vote).
    I realize there must be something to slap on a bumper sticker or a button. How about:
    We’re NOT a slogan and Neither are YOU!

  • Michael Adams

    Martel, Lesson number 361 in old age:
    You know you’re getting old when you have to explain most of your jokes.  No one under sixty remembers who Maynard G. Krebs was. Only peripherally related, my children look at me funny when I even say “Put it in the ice box.”  And they were raised by a codger trainee.


    No one under sixty and lesson 742 as follows:
    Friend of mine had three very active boys and when they wanted something they just kept repeating themselves until she was blue in the face. She lost her cool and yelled, “Enough, you sound like a broken record.”
    …one very long pause and 3 blank faces looked at her as if she was speaking another language, when the oldest of three perked up and asked, “What’s a record?”
    [circa] sometime in the 1990’s.

  • bkivey

    Perhaps the Republicans could steal a march on the Dems: “Obama symbol” He’s Not Done Yet! Or, for the disaffected youth vote. You know, the ones that voted for him in 2008 and are now over-educated and under-employed with a mountain of debt because they majored in something that has the word ‘studies’ in it:  Four More Years? Seriously?