Obama, unaided by ghost writers, writes as he speaks *UPDATED*

I’ve been saying for years that Obama, off teleprompter, is a terrible speaker.  Not just boring, but structurally awful.  Turns out that, as it is now, so was it always.  Nothing has changed.  Without an editor at his side, Obama is not the luminous prose poet who wrote Dreams.  He’s a typical Leftist hack writer:  turgid, ungrammatical, unfocused, and undisciplined.

UPDATE:  Here’s a perfect companion piece about the lost art of oratory, with Obama leading the pack of losers.

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  • Charles Martel

    Somebody here wondered if the whore media will mock Perry for his 2.2 GPA in college. Most likely not because it would force Obama to reveal his GPA. But if some media dunce does cast the aspersion, it would be sweet to watch Perry smile and reply, “Well, yes, Jim, my 2.2 GPA was pretty mediocre. But everybody knows President Obama’s GPA must have been even lower than mine if he’s still keeping them a secret. A man that smart surely would have aced his grades. And his enablers like you, Jim, surely would have shouted them to the heavens.”

  • jj

    I never supposed Obama was the brightest guy in the room.  Any room.  Or even one of the brightest guys.  So reading a sample of his writing (his – not Ayers’) and finding him borderline illiterate doesn’t come as a surprise.


    Huckster, shyster, city-slicker in love with his own personal mojo in the mirror (did I miss anything). He even ripped off Allen Touissant.
    And we end up with a Pointer Sister in the West Wing in drag.
    p.s. Twas I, Charles Martel, who raised the point about Perry’s GPA. Dare the moronic media mock? I doubt it very much.

  • Libby

    This is why GWB was so refreshing – you knew what meant, and he meant what he said. I’ll take this “stupidity” over Obama’s so-called eloquence and intelligence any day.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If the Left wanted a puppet, they got one. Maybe all their loose fantasies about Bush being a puppet was just their way of telegraphing their own inner most desires.