An amusing mistake from the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a well edited newspaper, and it usually offers little in the way of “corrections” amusement, at least not when compared to The New York Times.  Even Caesar slips up occasionally, as you will see when you examine the two pictures illustrating this review of a book about Jane Fonda:



As the master (mistress?) of typos, I have to admit to enjoying it way too much when other publications, better written and edited than mine, make the same mistakes I do.  It’s not exactly schadenfreude, but a sense of shared humanity, I think (and hope).

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  1. Gringo says

    Conclusion from photo #1 (in North Vietnam in 1972): Vietnamese awed by beautiful actress
    Conclusion from  photo #2: 1967 “Barbarella” photo: there is a hidden political message behind many films.:)

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