Robots talking to each other

I couldn’t figure out if this was real or scripted — and by real, I mean that the computer algorithms were really playing through by themselves — but I enjoyed it nevertheless:

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  • David Foster

    Alan Turing, the founder of theoretical computer science (and a major contributor to the breaking of the German codes during WWII) proposed the following as an example of the kind of conversation computers would have to be capable of in order to be considered truly intelligent:

    Interrogator In the first line of your sonnet which reads ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’, would not ‘a spring day’ do as well or better?
    Computer It wouldn’t scan.
    Interrogator How about ‘a winter’s day’? That would scan all right.
    Computer Yes, but nobody wants to be compared to a winter’s day.
    Interrogator Would you say Mr. Pickwick reminded you of Christmas?
    Computer In a way.
    Interrogator Yet Christmas is a winter’s day, and I do not think Mr Pickwick would mind the comparison
    Computer I don’t think you’re serious. By a winter’s day one means a typical winter’s day, rather than a special one like Christmas.

  • Indigo Red

    It is a scripted joke. I infer this from the fact that, as of the time I viewed the video, fewer than 8,000 people had actually seen the video, the counter record shows 499, 990 and seems to have shown the same number from the beginning so that everyone is viewer 499,990.

    As for the dialogue, well, it does sound like two genuine liberal talking heads.  Very amusing. 

  • Ymarsakar

    I concur it is scripted by human hands. robots are normally not passionate argue to present an “argument”. They don’t really care.

  • Ymarsakar

    Foster, if only Libs could meet Turing’s Test.