Obama’s effort to preempt the upcoming Republican debate

By now you’ve heard that the President, who’s been sitting on his jobs speech for days, if not weeks (or maybe years), has suddenly announced that he’s going to give it on the same night as a Republican presidential candidate debate that’s been schedule for months.  It’s a tacky gesture, at best (and at worst, come to think of it).  To the extent that Obama wants to address Congress, many are advising Boehner to say, “Sorry, no can do.  Save it for another night.”

Anchoress has a better idea:  given that the President’s speeches haven’t been very inspiring of late, delay the debate for an hour or two, so that it falls immediately after the President’s inevitably divisive, soporific and platitudinous speech.

I think Boehner should say, “by all means, Mr. President; we’re so anxious to hear your jobs plan that we’ll be glad to put off our debate by a few hours. Our candidates should have a chance to hear your ideas, so they can include them within the context of their own ideas about job creation. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our stark distinctions.”

That sort of response disarms Obama, who then won’t be able to crow “they don’t care about jobs” and it arms the debate participants, who will be able to go into their debate with Obama’s plans ripe for deconstruction.

This would be an especially good tactic for Perry and Bachmann, both of whom are dynamic speakers.  It will also be good for Romney who, tho’ not dynamic, can speak about economic issues with tremendous authority.  Obama will come off looking not only petty, divisive, soporific and platitudinous, he’ll also look ill-informed, unimaginative and, basically, small.  (I do love my adjectives.)

Ace has an equally good idea, which is to have Boehner say, essentially, “If this is such an important issue, Mr. President, don’t wait.  Give us your speech immediately!”

The one thing the Republicans shouldn’t do is play this squirrely game by Obama’s rules.  As Anchoress says, rightly, “What the GOP needs to remember is that the Democrats no longer govern; they just maneuver, and they do it brilliantly. The GOP needs to learn how to do it.”

Really, when you think about it, it’s kind of a shame that my favorite pundits aren’t Republican tactical advisers.  We can only hope that the Republicans are paying attention to them, even if they’re not paying them for their advice.

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  • Libby

    I think Ace has a better take in this – to just say NO! – for this reason:
    “Obama’s speech will, as usual, consist of pleasing soundbites, most of which are entirely meaningless (and hence hard to object to) without actual numbers behind them.
    It puts the Republicans on a very bad footing to have to respond to Obama’s speech within minutes of its ending.
    Furthermore — for God’s sakes, the candidates are supposed to be talking about themselves and their vision — not just letting Obama be Alpha Dog and determine the subject matter and parameters of their own debate.”


    The September 7th speech to both houses is the first opening salvo in the “war room.”  The pissing contest has just begun and the GOP has to decide right now if it’s on or off. Me, I think PO’d is the only choice.
    If you think this is a tacky and disgraceful tactic (and it is) you ain’t seen nothing yet. The CBC Poverty Tour was the tip of the iceberg and the prologue of what’s in store. I’ve just heard the Boehner has “asked” Obama to switch days via a press release. A tactical error in my book. Boehner should have called a press conference, so that even the alphabet networks would have to cover it.

  • jj

    He’s been “sitting on” his speech because whoever’s writing it for him hasn’t finished yet.  Then it has to be loaded into the teleprompter, and some of it’ll have to be phonetically spelled (so we don’t get “corpse” for “corps” type errors), you know, it’s a complex and time-consuming process!
    Obama’s either from a third-world – or maybe pre-1920 – mentality.  Or he’s just really stupid – my personal view.  There is no part of this that’s smart.  Hey – Jug-ears!  We all know it’s not a coincidence!  We all – those among us who qualify as sentient, that is – know that you’re deliberately arranging a scheduling conflict, here.  Since the invention of radio and the ushering in of the age of mass communications – we know it!  You’re only fooling – as usual – democrats and yourself.
    You don’t get any reward for a successful tactic when everybody knows.  I would agree with Sadie to a point, and the point is: it’s just lame if everybody with a brain – or access to a newspaper or radio or TV –  sees right through it without even having to squint.  The republican schedule has been a matter of public record for weeks, it’ll be pretty tough for even the New York Times to deny.  This just makes him look like a twerp.  He is a twerp, of course – but most successful twerps get away with it because they don’t walk around with “twerp” tattooed on their foreheads.
    I would go along with either plan.  Boehner is free to look at him and say “sorry, sonny; you’re free to address congress any time – that we invite you.  It won’t be that night.”  Or, “okay, Junior – we’ll hold the debate when you’re done, so the world can get an instantaneous comparison between you and some folks who actually do know how to address an audience.  The first debate topic will be: everybody gets twenty minutes to comment on your little talk.”
    Either way.  I’m fine with either. 

  • bizcor

    and the most frustrating part is that there are still people out there who adore this guy…..

  • Zhombre

    What immediately comes to mind is inelegant: what a dick!  First the Poseur in Chief takes his Darth Vader inspired bus into a 3 state photo op in the wake of Palin’s bus tour and in an egregious attempt to upstage the Republicans in Iowa, now he pulls this middle finger salute stunt.  Just reinforces the malignant narcissist diagnosis: he has to divert attention to himself.  But this is creepy, Chicago hardball conducted by the autistic.  I will be glad to see the end of his regime in November 2012 but I know he will be sulking about for another 20-30 years like Gollum looking for his ring.  


    Let”s have some contrast to frame it out. If you’re a Marine the ROE have changed.
    So here’s the news:  audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange because it offends the Afghans.

    If you’re POTUS it’s in your face. The ROE have changed.

  • 94Corvette

    Sometimes I wonder if Obama is now thinking that he will not be elected and that between now and 2012 he is going to destroy as much of the United States as he can.  I really get the feeling that he is going to just push the boundaries just as far as he can.  The raid on the Gibson Guitar factory, the NLRB ruling on Boeing, the NLRB coming out today with new regulations out of the blue, it’s beginning to look bad. 

  • Michael Adams

    I heard a guy calling in to Hannity this afternoon. The caller was insisting that Rush is racist, that TEA parties had people holding up racist signs, that Tom Tancredo said something pretty horrible at a rally in Colorado.  It’s all stuff he’s heard on BET and Black talk radio, but he was sure it was all true, was very close to foaming at the mouth about it. Hannity offered the guy a thousand dollars for the audio of Tancredo’s alleged remarks, and he hemmed and hawed and got off the air. The larger networks are, as we all know, every bit as misleading and often down right dishonest as the more overtly political ones.
    However, the TEA parties are an example of controlling events, when we can’t control the reporting.  People can say the TEA parties are racist, and about ten percent of the population will believe these wild allegations. Still, the parties go on, and the demands for video or audio are unmet. Allegations of torture and targeting civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue in the media, and the Guardian types  will believe them, since they never actually meet a soldier or Marine.  The rest of us do meet them, at church, at their parents’ homes when they come to visit, and they tell a different story. This is another example of how we can make events happen, that no lies can hide completely.
    On the other hand,  sometimes, we let the Jerk party create events, and, of course, their lap dog media will run those stories, too.  The debate over off-setting disaster relief with budget cuts is another battle that, no matter how correct the math, we can not win.  We are placed in the position of “holding up disaster relief for THE  AMERICAN PEOPLE,” as if the American people were not footing the bills for this generosity. This would be a PR calamity, that we can avoid. Our Congress critters would be far ahead in the game, just going with the flow and talking about it afterward. I wish someone could tell them so. I wish they would listen

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Republicans are unable to adapt.

    Doesn’tmatter who they listen to on this matter any more.

    They are just systematically, unable to get it done.

    They don’t have an organization fit to fight a war. 

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    Obama demanded to speak on Wednesday, Boehner said no. Tonight, Obama tonight caved to Boehner and will deliver his lecture on Thursday. Obama now goes head-to-head with the opening game of the National Football League, a match up he wanted to avoid. Oh, well.


  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    OTH, I think Obama got exactly what he wanted. Just as with the Friday night document dumps, few people will be watching and listening to what he says Thursday night as more folks will watch the NFL opener only knowing what was said from the media coverage which will, of course, be very favorable. Plus, everything the Republican candidates have to say on the jobs issue will be obsolete and ignored within a day.