There will be a Second Amendment post coming in the future

NavyOne did it — he found me someone who will hold my hand and shepherd me through the door of the local shooting range.  All that remains now is organization, and I can do that.  I’m so grateful to NavyOne; to Mike, who offered me moral courage and solid information; and to Dan, who is brave enough to stand near me when I have a gun in my hand.

I’m also pretty charmed by the way in which the blogosphere makes things happen.  This is indeed a Brave New World, and one that is currently operating to my benefit.

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  • Spring Chicken

    Keep us posted!  This, too, is on my list of “things to do in the Fall”.  

  • jj

    Good for you!  What do you want to shoot?

  • 11B40



    Try to get past the the “two-handed combat stance” that seems to have won the media popularity contest. The guy who taught me considered strong-hand, weak-hand, two-hands, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone an adequate regimen. That may be a lot for an initiation ceremony but a least go through all the hands standing. As I was told, there’s a reason why it fits in one hand.


    jj – I don’t know Bookworm’s answer, but here’s mine.
    LONDON (AP) — Protesters disrupted a performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in one of Britain’s most venerable concert series and forced the BBC to pull the concert off the air, the broadcaster said Thursday.
    Pro-Palestinian group The Palestine Solidarity Campaign had called for the BBC to cancel the concert and urged people to boycott the event in protest.
    The orchestra was due to perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday as part of BBC Proms, an annual summer concert series dating back to 1941 broadcast live on the radio.
    Shouting and booing erupted just as conductor Zubin Mehta was about to lead the orchestra in Bruch’s violin concerto.
    “We regret that as a result of sustained audience disruption within the concert hall which affected the ability to hear the music, tonight’s Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Prom was taken off air,” the BBC said in a statement.
    It said protesters interrupted the concert four times and that 30 people were removed by secruity throughout the event.
    The BBC said that extra security — including bag searches — had been put in place in anticipation of protests.

  • jj

    Well… yeah, Sadie, I can certainly come up with a few targets myself – but I was thinking more in terms of stuff like caliber; revolver or pistol; make, etc. – those sorts of things.  At whom to aim wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind! 


    Shucks, jj, I knew that …what vs who 😉

  • jj


  • Ymarsakar

    My idea of extra security is to hire more goons to cut people off at the knees.


  • Ymarsakar

    Martial arts stances can be adapted for marksmanship, but only when people know what they are doing. BJJ doesn’t spend a lot of time training for walking and running, so you may be unfamiliar with this modification. Generally, pistols can be fired for accuracy at range and fired for CQB at… near point blank range from the hips or the armpit or the chest. From the hips is generally the more natural and more convenient position.

    For a person with arms extended to track a very close moving target, requires a lot of lead time. It’s relatively easy for a person to cross on the horizontal axis and outspeed a shooter’s ability to track them with a gun, if their arc is relatively close to the gun user. For a person that sees an incoming person rushing at them, they can far more easily move back and shoot from the hips at where the person will be in a few seconds, than to attempt to track the movements of the person. It’s also far safer a spot to be in, if the other person tries to use any gun disarms. For a gun user, one must necessarily learn how to counter gun disarms. That’s the bare minimum of grappling setup for a gun user to have. Shooting from the hips will also nullify the advantages of melee or grapplers or anyone else that tries to close the distance. Even at point blank range, however, a difference of a few degrees in where the gun is held at the hips, will lead to a miss. Thus training is required. One arm is in the form of a spear preventing the enemy from charging at you and bowling you over, while the other arm fits the gun to the hip and shoots. Since the gun will now be stuck to the hip, it’ll shoot at whichever direction your torso is facing. Doesn’t require aiming or great kinesthetic skill.

    These things can basically be put under “how to use martial arts with a firearm”.


  • Caped Crusader

    Lost temporarily in my huge stack of unorganized stuff is a DVD by former Israeli special forces with good combat shooting techniques. If I can find it and when you are comfortable shooting I’ll let you know where to buy if still available.