The Obama prison blues

I was thinking about prison yesterday.  Someone was telling me that his son, a student at San Francisco State University, had a teacher who announced, “I’m not going to make any pretense of being unbiased,” and then handed out a book about the evils of prison.

My response was that, while prison isn’t a great place to be, at least its residents are there through due process.  If one does away with prisons, however, the whole society becomes a giant prison, with the bad guys as the guards.

And while we’re on the subject of prison, a friend sent me this great video:

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    Can’t remember where I saw it, but some blog noted that the only business doing well, are the companies that sell arrows (the ones pointing in a downward direction).

  • Mike Devx

    What an enjoyable well-done video!

  • Jose

    I know a deputy who has worked at a max security prison in California for over 20 years.  I once asked if he had a personal theory about the root causes that led the inmates to end up in the slam.  I expected to hear about poverty, drugs, disintegrating families, joblessness, etc.
    His theory: “They’re stupid”.
    The more I think about it, he’s right.  The inability to link basic cause and effect, and continuing to make bad choices are what get them locked up.  I realize prisons and our justice system aren’t perfect, but I’m thankful we have places to keep the bad guys locked up.
    And the bad guys should be grateful I don’t administer their punishments.

  • Mike Devx

    We are in the Obama Prison.  This is a President who simply does not get it.

    Today’s headline of note:
    Obama Asks EPA to Pull Ozone Rule

    The EPA was pushing regulations that were so stringent they were forecasted to cost millions of jobs.  Obama has “asked” them to not implement these regulations.  So far, so good.

    The first paragraph of the story:
    President Barack Obama, citing the struggling economy, asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to withdraw an air-quality rule that Republicans and business groups said would cost millions of jobs.

    Ok again, so far, so good.  He gets it!  Finally, Mr. Green is “pivoting” to jobs instead of just pushing his green agenda.  We desperately need jobs, Mr. President.  Thank you!

    Ah… but then there is this little note:
    Mr. Obama left open the possibility the rule could be tightened in 2013.


    So, Mr. Green Asshole, that means this is just another deception.  Just another campaign deception and lie.  Gee. THANKS.
    A whole f’ing lot.

    Maybe he is hoping the headline will be enough to attract uncertain voters back to him.  Not likely.

    What he consistently can’t understand is that it is the *uncertainty* that is killing job creation.  He promises nothing that people can rely on.  He gives, and then he immediately takes back.  His words become worth nothing.   People desperately want him to guarantee stability and accountability, and all they get from him is, “Meh, maybe we’ll do this, maybe we won’t.  Tell ya what, we’ll do it… for a few months.  OK?  Now eat your peas!”

    His liberal green left will be outraged at the headline.  He can’t lose them.  So this exemplary example of “bad lawyer” sneakily snuck in that this may simply be temporary.  Then he’ll get on the phone to his liberal left and reassure them that this is just a campaign ploy to quiet the bitter clingers and the neanderthals in flyover country, that he doesn’t really mean it.

    Trying to have it both ways, he’ll up with nothing at all.  Workers still will not be hired because business people recognize a sneak when they see one, and they know there is nothing here that gives them stability nor reliability.

    2012 approaches.  Let us hope for a real President.  Soon.



    I saw the news [read that: lies] as well today, Mike. How many readers get past the first 20 words? We, the informed, are alert; but the sleeping masses are asses. A certain percentage will vote for him NMW (no matter what). The have E-bolama Fever – unfortunately, it doesn’t kill them, but makes everyone else who doesn’t have the disease – feel like they want to vomit day and night.
    This evening on the news “sources said” that the now Thursday speech will not contain all the plans. No, of course not – that would mean there is an actual plan.  Anyway, the news went on to explain that Obama will be giving a series of speeches across America, explaining it as he goes along [read that: as string along]. I wonder how more times he will attempt to give a speech the same night of the scheduled GOP debates.
    As an aside to all the other crapola …I was watching CNN and that horrid Anderson Cooper tonight (hey, I need to know where the propaganda is going). So the focus was on a couple, I think they’re called Evangelical Baptists or something close to it. Seems that the couple (Mr. & Mrs. Pearl)print books for raising children and instructs the parents, who read the books to  ‘use the rod’. Not a real rod, but physical punishment.  I, personally, don’t subscribe to the idea but the background to the story was that a couple (white), who did, ended up beating an adopted child from Africa to death. Of course, the offending couple have been sentenced to prison and all of their other children born to them or adopted have been placed elsewhere. The point was pretty obvious to me, but I am NOT an idiot. CNN ‘selected’ a truly terrible story with tragic consequences to showcase that Christians kill their children by their extreme religious Christian views and the only one who died was black. This was truly a two-fer for CNN.. a good swipe at Perry and their less than subtle way of saying “we shouldn’t condemn muslims” for their faith and honor killings and the kicker, white people kill black children. I guess it was three-fer. It was apparent from the pictures that were shown of the other children, who were obviously bruised and beaten that the couple were indeed crazy and had no business ever having children, white, black or orange.
    It’s only the first week in September and I suspect that this is only phase one of “in your face” ugly push to keep BO in DC.