Rick Rescorla

I wrote a post about Rick Rescorla some years ago. He was one of the true heroes of 9/11 — his foresight, quick-thinking and heroism enabled him to save almost 3000 lives on that terrible day, although he gave up his own in the process.

Today, the Daily Mail, a British paper that is a mish-mash of shlock and news, gives this hero his due.

Blackfive has lots on Rescorla.

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  • NavyOne

    A true hero, not even born in this country. . .

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Oh boy….I cry every time I read about this wonderful man….
    Notice that his whole life was pointing to this moment…..he “practiced” so that he’d do it right when the chips were down….  And, there are literally HUNDREDS of people alive because his colleague got ill and Rick wasn’t on that plane to Cornwall.
    Those who have visited the UK will note that the Scots and the Cornishmen are the most similar to Americans – it was clear when we spent weeks in both places. 
    Lots of Cornishmen came to California, too…for the Gold Rush…..I lived in Angwin, CA for years, and when we visited the Geevor tin mine in Cornwall, we saw the name “Angwin” – both father and son – in a list of men killed in an 1800s mine disaster.
    G-d bless ’em all…..