It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, nude world — if you live in San Francisco

The City That Knows How, which is how long-time San Francisco columnist Herb Caen viewed his beloved adopted city, is at it again, this time with proposed legislation saying you can’t enter restaurants nude, nor can you, as a nude person, sit down in a public space without putting something under yourself first.  How about something completely different?  In the interests of decency and healthy sexuality, how about, you don’t let people wander around naked in public!

The human body is a wondrous thing.  To that end, I prefer to keep some of that wonder alive by seeing less of most people’s bodies, rather than more.  Economics 101 holds that, the rarer a commodity is, the more precious it is.  When you have wrinkled old hippies (link is not NSFW) and emaciated drug addicts wandering the streets showing their all, it tends to cheapen the premium we in the West have traditionally placed on God’s (or Nature’s) special design.

In a question and answer he set out in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Woody Allen pretty much sums it up:  “Is sex dirty?  Only if it’s done right.”  Trying to make the human body as ordinary as yesterday’s newspaper is definitely doing it wrong.

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  • jj

    Seattle has the same liberal dumb-ass deal.  As there is no law – nobody ever thought to write one – mandating clothing, you are free to walk around swinging in the breeze.  There are occasionally those who do.  (They are always: 1) male; 2) fat; 3) bald; 4) smiling cheerfully.  I don’t know why any of these should be so – but they are.)  Seattle probably gets it a little lighter than San Froot-Loop does, but that’s only because we’re just now experiencing our first 80 degree days for the summer.  (‘Summer’ this year looks like being from from now until about September 12th or so – that’ll be it.  We have been goddam freezing all year, and the entire Washington agricultural industry phased into federal disaster-declaration mode about three weeks ago – nothing’s going to ripen.)  This is, from the stand-point of those first beholding naked bus-riders, good; because they have a much shorter season available to go inflict themselves on an unsuspecting public.  This year is a touch unusual, but Seattle’s summers are generally nothing to write home about, so we’re safer than you are.
    I don’t know what the hell is wrong with ‘we in thew west,’ but I do hope it doesn’t spread.  And I am cheered by recalling that anybody tries walking around New York sans culottes, better be well and conspicuously armed.

  • Libby

    This is silly, but it sure beats having them working on intrusive legislation on the normal folks, like outlawing happy meals, pet ownership, and circumcision. I hope the spend many hours crafting laws on stupid hippie protest behavior.


    Speaking of a mad mad mad world and SF in a single breath ….
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that the Republican leadership’s decision to forgo a direct response to President Barack Obama’s jobs speech Thursday is “not only disrespectful to him, but to the American people.”
    Read more: Public nudity and Nancy (NSFW) :)

  • Charles Martel

    People showing up nekkid on the streets of San Francisco reminds me of Corporal Klinger’s schtick in “Mash.” Every week he’d show up in some new frock or bonnet designed to get him out of the Army because he was a cross-dresser. Of course everybody got used to it, to the point that his fellow soldiers would often critique his color or ensemble choices. The shock of seeing a fighting man in petticoats had long since worn off.

    Seeing some pathetic tub of lard parading around town in his birthday suit just isn’t worth commenting on anymore. We consign people like that to that corner of the urban landscape where we mentally place all the other freaks—the tweakers, the foam-at-the-mouthers, the chronic drunks, the mentally ill tossed out on the streets by do-gooder Democrats and cost-cutting Republicans, and members of the Board of Supervisors.

  • Mike Devx


    I wonder, can we define the state of a civilization by the things we take for granted within it?

    So many things that have happened to SF within the last fifty years – the things you don’t like, the things that indicate a degradation within your local civilization – you learn to block out of your sight, and out of your mind.

    As a thought exercise, consider SF in 1950, in every way you can; and then open your eyes and your minds (all of you who live in that area) and take a really good look around.  Just how FAR has your local civilization declined?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Saw something similar in Paris (FR) last week: a group of older, ugly, fat, balding guys wearing womens’ lingerie protesting loudly…for the right of women to walk around nude if they so wanted. 


    The world IS going absolutely mental. Like MikeD says, it’s not those individuals themselves but our willingness to put up with it that is the problem. 

  • JKB

    Don’t think of them as walking around naked.  Think of them touting their qualifications for head of the IMF or needing their 2nd chakra’s worked on.

    Maggie’s Farm highlighted how a newspaper from up their way is being open minded in their headlines:
    Maine Resident Touts His Qualifications To Head The International Monetary Fund | The Rumford Meteor 

  • Dennis Elliott

    Good Lord! Even Janet Napolitano (7th pic from the bottom and elsewhere)? How does she find the time?

  • MacG

    Yeah but let them parade past Nancy Pelosi’s house or take a daily ‘stroll’ at Chris Daly’s and we’ll see just how tolerant they all are…
    Wait till a bunch of the free souls decide to take part in a Supe’s meeting.  Once that happens they’ll vote to provide little paper seat mats like they do for bathroom stalls and some entrepreneur will make them with pictures of the Supe’s and sell them illegally out side City Hall just before they go in to pay their respects to their favorite talking head.  Then the ink will transfer like silly putty and …oh…I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth…sorry…:)

  • excathedra

    Consider this: if I show up in Golden Gate Park stark naked and smoking pot, the police will not bother me. If I wear a suit and tie, sit on a bench there and light up a cigar, I get a citation and a fine. Kinda says it all for me.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s subsidizing and bribing the barbarians. The Byzantines did it for awhile, before they realized it didn’t pay in the end.


  • Ymarsakar

    When the heck are the Muslims of California going to stand against this and start providing fatwahs for executing these Leftists in the streets?