Ten years later, I remember 9/11

I wrote my big 9/11 post a few days ago and many of you are sharing your amazing and moving memories even as I write these words.  I’m not sure what else to add.  The day and its import are seared in my consciousness.  They never leave me.  I will never lose the pain and the anger I feel when I think about that day, and what that day did to our nation.  That’s not good for my soul, but there it is.  I’m still mad.  I still want to quash completely the ideology that encouraged a group of people to think it was a good idea to kill 3,000 of my American family, and to spend the next ten years trying to repeat that act.

“Never forget” is a stupid thing to tell me, because I find it impossible to stop remembering.

All the pretty lights in the world won’t bring it back.