One to make you smile, really, really smile

The happy video for today:

Hat tip:  Hot Air

(P.S.  Remind me, please, how bad we Judeo-Christian westerners are with our racist modern medicine and charitable acts.  When I see videos such as this one, I tend to forget all the lessons of my two minutes of anti-Western hate.)

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  1. says

    Book, the reason is simple. Those living in fat and plenty will do anything they can to keep poor people where they belong. Westerners and elites with money or power who try to help and uplift the disenfranchised poor, must be taught to hate good and love evil. That is the end game. Anything else is simply a distraction.


  2. Mike Devx says

    There’s one certain point at about 2:30 where the expression on her face overwhelmed me emotionally and the tears sprang out of my eyes.  Really, her facial expressions during the 2:26-2:36 sequence are so powerful.  The sweet happiness through the remainder is just very nice, too.

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