What hate looks like

Actor Alec Baldwin’s ugly obsession with Michelle Malkin has flickered at the periphery of my awareness for some time now, but it wasn’t until Michelle Malkin did a comprehensive post about his obsession, and his follower’s horrible, frightening threats, that I got an insight into the level of venom directed at high profile conservatives, especially when they’re considered gender and race traitors, as the Asian Michelle is.  I hope Michelle has contacted the FBI on this one.

Warning:  If you follow the link, please be aware that it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, nor is the content appropriate when children are around (unless, of course, you’re okay with your colleagues or children being exposed to the most grotesque violent imagery and the foulest misogynist and racist language).

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  • Charles Martel

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed that the haters reserve particular venom for Michelle Malkin. I guess she’s a fatally attractive three-fer for leftists: An Asian, an intelligent woman, and a really good looking woman.

    I think that in the left’s deranged racial hierarchy, which it cossets and babies the way half-frozen men tend a solitary spark in the arctic wilderness, Asians are fairer game than blacks. Even though they’re not as despised as Jews, they’re easier to attack because their numbers just don’t impress Democratic machines.

    The hatred for an intelligent conservative woman thing is par for the course—wimpy leftist men and self-hating “feminists” despise any woman who steps off the plantation, especially if she’s colored. It makes them look powerless because they can’t control one of their inferiors. Ain’t nothin’ more infuriating than to be a highly credentialed white elitist who can’t even keep his/her Filipinas in line.

    But, of course, the biggest sin Michelle commits is that her conservatism takes a hellaciously good looking fox out of the game. The male haters become verklempt at the thought that the universe has ruled that the only babes they can bed are such lookers as Janeane Garofalo, Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne Barr, Maxine Waters or Whoopi Goldberg. If I were a guy who found myself looking through a barbed-wire fence at untouchable, unattainable, divine nooky, I, too, would resort to hate. It would be the only power I have left over the thing that keeps me looking, and looking again, and looking yet more, ever helpless and ever despairing.


    We are talking about the very same Alec Baldwin, who called his own 11-year old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    A few posts ago, Book, you remarked that the “progressive” slant on economics is closer to economic fascism than to classical socialism. As I think the Malkin incident suggests, the fascist cast of “progressivism” is not limited to economics.

    Although there has historically been plenty of vileness from both Communists and Fascists, my sense is that the particular tone of obscenity in the attacks on Malkin is closer to typical fascist psychology than to classical leftist psychology. 

  • suek

    >>We are talking about the very same Alec Baldwin, who called his own 11-year old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”>>
    And if we didn’t already know how she might have gotten that way, now we do.
    I think this falls into the “pot, kettle, black” category.

  • Mike Devx

    Charles Martel says: I think that in the left’s deranged racial hierarchy, which it cossets and babies the way half-frozen men tend a solitary spark in the arctic wilderness, Asians are fairer game than blacks.

    I agree, Charles.  Asians are not on the reservation.  It’s not merely a stereotype that they’re independent, family-oriented, and success-oriented.  These are cultural traits, not skin color traits.  (Liberals make no distinction between culture and skin color, which is why they would consider me a racist.  But I’m a culturalist, not a racist.  Some cultures simply have so little of worth in them and are so destructive to civilization that I detest them. )

    But, of course, the biggest sin Michelle commits is that her conservatism takes a hellaciously good looking fox out of the game. 

    I’ve been thinking about this on and off a lot, and not just about liberal woman-haters.  I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but I’m thinking that it’s simply very difficult for a beautiful woman to be taken seriously in the political arena.  At least in America, and possibly universally.  It’s not fair, but life’s not fair.  Is this why Michelle Bachmann can gain no traction?  Look at what was done to Sarah Palin – and she even entered a beauty pageant at one point, which apparently to many disqualifies her.  Who have been the successful female politicians in our lifetime?  They are always older and display significant gravitas, almost like that of a Queen.  (I think of these women politicians frowning into the camera like a Queen and pronouncing with heavy dignity: “We are not pleased.”)  Golda Mier.  Margaret Thatcher.  Not sure about Indira Gandhi.  Barbara Jordan.  The more Hillary Clinton tried to soften her image and pretty-up, the less effective she became…   I’m not convinced of this argument of mine, but I’m leaning this way.

    It may apply to political commentators such as Michelle Malkin as well.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I agree that good looking women have a harder tine being taken seriously in the political arena. Men tend to see them as beddable objects and leftist women tend to see them as rivals. (Not that women would ever see good looking male politicians as beddable.)

    In Michelle’s case, she is a good looking woman who thinks wrongly. Imagine the psychic torture a leftist male endures confronting this: “Great looking babe—must have her—thought criminal!—can’t have her—oh, so beautiful with those perky—must take her—betrays her skin color by thinking uncolored things—no, no, must resist her, hurt her—ohmigaw, would she do me?—please, Blessed Nancy, Gloria and Marx, kill my urges!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I’m expecting em. But nobody ever came. What gives?

    What I don’t get is why Leftists don’t threaten me like that. Seems strange. Aren’t I an easier target?

    One of the things I’ve learned in the world of violence is that these threats are mostly meaningless. The ones that will do, won’t talk about them, much.  There’s nothing frightening about these threats. They’re just Leftists making promises they can’t keep, again. I’m pretty biased though. I’ve seen true evil and the really scary stuff in violence. This isn’t it. Leftists wouldn’t be able to keep in their sugar daddy milk shake after seeing what I’ve seen.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Martel, I’ve seen more examples of female leadership in Japanese culture than I have from Hollywood. None of the Hollywood cult material even provides for basic leadership examples, let alone female leadership. Japan has been culturally paternalistic and patriarchy based for awhile now, yet their modern fiction and entertainment mediums have done more than I have imagined to re-envision female leadership qualities. Some here may have seen Summer Wars, the summer blockbluster movie Japan released for foreign audiences. That is not a foreign element introduced for the consumption of the world. The social dynamics are often felt very strongly in Japan, not because there are a lot of female leaders or heads of clans, but because there aren’t.

    My favorite animes, The Third and Heroic Age, have amazing female protagonists that I respect quite highly. They have spirit and wisdom. I knew that even before Sarah Palin came on the US political realm. But you know what, it is precisely because I was able to imagine such a thing that I could take her seriously as an equal or leader. Those Leftists misogynists that like to hurt anyone weaker than them, they lack the capacity to imagine such a thing. Their brains are not suitable for such data processing, thus they never even get to the point of realizing it.

    American frontiersmen and conservatives have actually seen successful women in their lives, and not just their wives. Remember the difference between a zero sum theory Leftist and a believer in endless economic prosperity. The Left does not believe women can lead because their own women are ones like Kennedy and Clinton: people who had to ride the coat tails of their fathers, uncles, or brothers. The Left certainly won’t believe CONSERVATIVE women are superior to their own. Just as the Left will refuse to believe that any of you are smarter than their little pinkie.

  • Mike Devx

    These strong females, are they portrayed as solo adventurers or as leaders of groups, where the groups include men who are to be led by her?


  • Danny Lemieux

    There are some political writers that display such awesome command of both intellect, grasp of politics and the English language that I find myself hanging on their every word…Mark Steyn, David Goldman, James Taranto, Charles Martel…

    Back to the point at hand. At first I thought Ann Coulter’s “Demonic: How the liberal mob is endangering America” was worded deliberately to be provocative. But then, she weaves a historical narrative that ties together: blood-curdling descriptions of what really happened during the French revolution; death cults; eulogization of violent criminals; continued incitement by Liberals to mob violence; forced secularist world views that eliminate God from the human condition and, finally, grotesque obsessions about sexual depravity, subjugation and humiliation (which what the vicious attacks against Malkin and Palin have always been about).

    When I finished the book, I found “Demonic” to be a most interesting word to describe what is really going on here.

    This was Ann Coulter’s best book by far.


  • Libby

    I think there are several reasons Michelle Malkin causes such cognitive dissonance – she’s asian, female & smart and she didn’t choose their team! How can they insist that all Republicans are stupid white men when people like Malkin are allowed to exist.
    The other enraging  thing about Malkin (and Palin & Bachmann) is they’re brand of feminism. They’ve embraced the goals of feminism – they’ve achieved their success in the same manner as men through talent and hard work, not as token female, via a spouse or family connection, or by advocating “female” issues. And yet they never bought into the sleazier side of feminism – delaying or skipping marriage, aborting inconvenient babies, rejected the patriarchal church, rejecting virtue to find “empowerment” through their sexuality, etc. So they’re super empowered, feminine, but incorruptible.
    Feminists who succeed while maintaining their femininity and values are incredibly frustrating for these men and they must be put back in their place. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Danny, they don’t call em Demoncrats for nothing, you know.

     Devx, as for your question, The Third is an example of a female warrior who only has one partner in a post-apocalyptic world. So she doesn’t lead anyone per say, although she has some of the quintessential qualities to be a leader. In Heroic Age, the main female character commands both political and military influence. While her subordinates kept trying to get her to overthrow her corrupt family and take power, it is she that is always counseling the best interests of humanity. Like most people who obey the Constitution in America, they don’t like the idea of violence or overthrowing anything, because they favor the peaceful and Constitutional method of doing things. That is their preference and choice, assuming their enemies allow them such luxuries.

     One of the things I picked up in my hobbies is what constitutes a leader. I had just gotten a prime source on this matter, a few weeks before Sarah Palin came on the scene in 2008. Leadership was something I loosely understood looking at military battles, military history, modern battles in Iraq, and modern events, but there was no “handbook” on it per say: only what other people have said about it. By using this structured guide and checklist, I analyzed individual personalities to determine what their leadership capabilities actually were. I sought this out for personal use but it ended up being far broader in application than that.