Stoner wisdom

A friend told me a very funny, and apt, story that I want to pass on to you.  It came about because, while he was talking about one thing, I interrupted him to raise another subject that seemed pressing at the time.  When we’d worked through that second subject, I apologized for bringing up something irrelevant to his main point, and encouraged him to pick up where he’d left off before I interrupted.  Before he did, he told me a story:

Back in the hippie era, he and some friends sat around smoking pot and talking.  Someone said something that ruffled my friend.

“That’s irrelevant,” he objected.

A perplexed stoner asked “What do you mean irrelevant?”

My friend answered “It has nothing to do with what we were talking about.  It doesn’t add to the conversation.”

The stoner had the perfect riposte:  “Man, we were talking about everything.  When you’re talking about everything, that means nothing is irrelevant.”

My rambling blog has just been rescued from irrelevancy.

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  • 11B40


    Next to the philosophical acuity that criminals almost instantly develop upon their conviction and incarceration, I am most impressed by the wisdom of the drug deranged. My personal favorite was the heroin addict with whom I had a passing basketball acquaintance, who told me, “I don’t have a drug problem; I have a money problem.” “Brain problem” would have been my choice.


  • Ymarsakar

    Nice. The uchuu of spaceness