The narcissist always sees things reflected through his own prism *UPDATED*

This is Obama, the guy with moobs and a poochy gut:

This is Obama, the guy who looks like granny on a bicycle:

This is Obama, the guy who throws even worse than I do:

Given who and what Obama is — a guy who’s never worked hard physically or mentally — it’s no surprise at all to hear him say that America is soft.  A malignant narcissist sees everything through his own prism.  What he said, folks, is a gentle poke at himself, which is about the maximum in self-criticism you’ll ever hear from a narcissist.

It’s also no surprise that, with Obama in the White House, Vladimir Putin is spending more time than ever having macho pictures of himself publicized:

Putin understands that, while America may not be soft, her leader certainly is, and those contrasting images have a resonating propaganda value.

UPDATE:  The Anchoress has a different take.  She thinks Obama is hard as nails — when it comes to his Leftism.


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  1. Charles Martel says

    My sainted mother, who had a wonderful sense of humor, often used to sing this snippet from some 1940s song. I think of Obama whenever I sing it to myself these days. To get the full benefit, imagine him singing it as he shaves:

    I don’t like men

    Women I don’t like, too

    I don’t like anyone except myself

    But I do, do, do like you!

  2. bizcor says

    Book please!!!!! Two guys who I really don’t like at all and you have to show them to me half naked. It is going to take days for me to purge these images from my brain. The only way it could be worse is if they were dancing together. Let me just add I don’t want to see half naked images of Hillary or Mochelle either. (I don’t want anyone to think I am a homophobe.) :)

  3. Mike Devx says

    Obama’s in decent enough shape compared to most of us.

    Most effete metrosexuals are.

    There he is: Slowly jogging gently down a quiet, nice, soft beach.
    There he is: Riding his bikey-bikey in the city.  Does he have a little ringy-ringy thingy on his handlebar?
        Wearing his widdle protecty helmet.
        Ring! Ring! “Make room! Make room!” he says – but gently, quietly.  Wouldn’t want to be big mr nasty!
    There he is: Lobbing a baseball gently somewhere towards home plate. Wouldn’t want to stride forward
        forcefully and send a burner right down the heart of the plate, THWAP!  That would be aggressive!
    For Obama ACTION, you get pickup basketball: Here’s mr metrosexual doing a hip-swivel, a little jump into 
       the air, and… SWISH!  Two points. High five! Yay team.

    And then you’ve got Putin: Mr. Action in his propaganda. 
       Martial Arts Action Shot: He takes a foreigner down, all by himself! Captured!
       Swimming: He’s cutting, slashing through the water with a classic stroke. All by himself! Never stop, never get tired! Go Go Go!
       Fishing. Bare-chested in the frigid wilderness stream. GET that fish.  KILL and EAT that fish! Out in the wilds of nature, all by himself! Conquer the wild!

    Mr. Metrosexual Urban Poser.
    Mr. He-Man of the Natural World.

    What a difference in propaganda.

  4. Oldflyer says

    I cannot find fault with the content of what Obama said.  I have worried that the nation is soft if it comes to crunch time.  I am not referring to physical toughness; but to mental and emotional.  I compare the culture today to the people I saw as I was growing up;  part of what is now called the “Greatest generation”.  These were people who knew hard times, and understood self reliance. They also had a spiritual underpinning that culture has eroded.  But, this generation hasn’t been tested, so we don’t know.
    I do see encouraging signs.  Fifteen year old grand son, who is as sweet as can be, but spoiled and fairly passive,  started  running cross country this fall.  He drives himself with impressive intensity.  (Of course he has had an example of   toughness all of his life, since his father is wheel chair bound.)  But, his high school meets in Southern California have 200+ runners in the Freshman races; another big crowd in the girl’s division, and so on through the classes.  That is a lot of kids running in one community; and cross country is not for soft kids.  Millions of other kids across the country are involved in sports that demand a lot physically, and emotionally.  So, there is a core of toughness in the younger generation that gets masked by the culture.  But, what about gen x, or whatever they are called?
    At any rate; this is no way for the President of the U.S. to talk.  If he thinks the country needs to focus, then call for focus; don’t, incessantly, infer blame to those who came before him.
    This may reverberate against him. It was  a discussion item on FNC’s Special Report tonight.   Echoes of Carter’s malaise speech.

  5. says


    You always make such interesting points.  You’re right that our nation has softened tremendously.  It’s been softening continuously since World War II, but at an accelerating rate recently.  Part of it is technology.  I don’t have to hang my carpets on the line and beat them; I vacuum.  My children don’t die of polio; I vaccinate.  I don’t walk many places; I drive.  But part of it is soft socialism, which has made many of us so dependent on government largesse that we are unable to care for ourselves. 

    What’s maddening about Obama’s little insult to the American people is that his life is devoted to expanding this socialism so that it completely controls every facet of American life.  For him to castigate America for softness, while being one of the primary engines behind that softness, is infuriating.

    And, as I said, it’s infuriating to see a lecture about soft coming from a powder puff.

  6. Oldflyer says

    Agree wholeheartedly Book.  I got a little off of my original intended point, which is completely in line with you. Technology and good economic times play a big part; but, the government is intent on making the country soft, by making it dependent.  The pace has been escalating tremendously under Obama.  Self reliance has become an archaic term; and almost a dirty phrase.
    Thirteen more months and we see the light;  two and a half beyond that and the country is liberated.

  7. Marica says

    Forget about Obama– Lord what a wonderful world that would be!– and look at the last photo of Putin. He’s fishing. Look at the color of his skin. It’s homogeneously white. My point is not that he’s not tan, it’s that he’s not tan anywhere. If you fish, or or outside on a regular basis for any reason, you get tan lines that reflect what you wore that day, and the next. If you spend any time outdoors, your forearms (never covered) are always tanner that your shoulders (sometimes covered), which are always tanner than your bisects (sometimes covered sometimes not). And no matter what sort of shirt you wear, if you spend any time outdoors in the summer, you will have a red neck– but not a red back.

    In this photo, Putin had no tan lines.  

    Furthermore- and I’m just an average fisherman, I’ve done pier, beach, big lakes, little lakes, rivers big & small– so I may not know what i am talking about– but what’s with his stance? If you want your picture to get taken while you are holding a rod ‘n reel, you don’t pose like that. Look where he’s positioned the reel. For crying out loud. 

    It’s show. Obama is at home watcin’ the kids while the missus is out spending money she doesn’t have. And we– we haven’t managed to get out collective shit together.

    Good night. 


  8. Charles Martel says

    “And, as I said, it’s infuriating to see a lecture about soft coming from a powder puff.”

    I know I’ll be accused or racism for using the B word, but what the hell:

    Obama is a nancy Boy, and nancy Boys are in no position to tell the rest of us what being too soft is all about.

  9. jj says

    You have to love Putin in the last picture with the fishing poles, though, trying desperately to pop a bicep out of his right arm.  Any more tension in it, the skin splits, and it explodes.  What a clown.  He’s just a different kind of nancy-boy.  But Obama’s not as tough as Madonna, and if that thing he’s married to ever gets mad at him and sits on him, he’s doomed.  i agree, no lectures about soft coming from this terminally limp ****.

  10. Mike Devx says

    Marica says: In this photo, Putin had no tan lines.  

    Yes, in that way, the propaganda is rather amateurish.  The Putin propaganda *is* laughable, but it’s far better than the Obama public shots.  (Is the Obama team not managing their PR at all, or is this what passes for their PR?  Seems to me they wanted that gentle beach shot, the bicycle shot, the basketball shots, etc…)

    I do like the Putin swimming shot.  But I’d bet they took him out deep on the lake in a comfy motorboat, and he was in the water for only a few minutes doing the strokes while the cameramen captured the shots from the boat.

    I’d be way more interested in videos of his martial arts, swimming, and fishing exploits.  The videos would tell me a LOT more; most likely they’d reveal via easy analysis what a poser he is as well.
    Did you forget to mention President Obama’s girly arms and hands ???
    > it’s infuriating to see a lecture about soft coming from a powder puff.

    > Obama is a nancy Boy, and nancy Boys are in no position to tell the rest of us what being too soft is all about.

     i agree, no lectures about soft coming from this terminally limp ****.

    All this love and adoration that we Bookies feel towards our little metrosexual nancy-boy around here!  

    > This may reverberate against him. It was  a discussion item on FNC’s Special Report tonight.   Echoes of Carter’s malaise speech.

    This point of Oldflyer’s is the key one I take away from the whole thing.  Lecturing the American people on their “softness” is just like Carter telling us about our useless “malaise”.  It should backfire on him, and I’m hoping it does so with a huge vengeance.  C’mon, American People, give him a big “F*#&#ck You” and a powerful upthrusting middle finger!

    Ymar asked: Devx, you ever find a martial arts place to get some training in? I remember you talking about this a few months ago.

    Yes  and no.  I joined a traditional karate dojo when I got back from vacation a month and a half ago.  Then I threw my back out AND severely strained a hip, and limped around for almost a month.  The back is still hurting but the limp is gone.  I’m about ready physically to resume training, but I’m in a deep funk on the physical activity front, back into couch potato mode, just catching up on all the summer reading books.  Kind of bummed at myself.

  11. says

    Marica’s right that Putin is staged.  (That’s the wackiest looking butterfly I’ve ever seen.)  What matters, though, is that he’s staged being a man’s man, something that most cultures around the world equate to being a powerful leadership figure.  That this made not be true is as irrelevant as the falsity of his photos.  He’s sending out a message, and so is our moob-y, mommy biking, girl throwing president.

  12. Danny Lemieux says

    Just a question…

    If you were a Russian martial arts student, would you want to beat Vlad Putin in a competition?
    I know that Siberia has some beautiful areas for four months of the year, but.

    On the other hand, if it was Obama and it was a tricycle or Whole Foods shopping cart race…


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