1. jj says

    If the little son of a bitch was actually in a dither, that would at least be an indication he’s engaged.  I’m willing to bet you couldn’t find a dither with an electron microscope.

  2. Charles Martel says

    Speaking of dithers, I loved the one where Dagwood wants to take a nap at work, so he paints open eyes on his eyelids so Mr. Dithers will think he’s awake when he passes by Dagwood’s office.

    In Nancy Boy’s case, Valerie will paint them on for him.

  3. Michael Adams says

    Sadie, I had not had time to track down the details, but, yep, did we  not all know that there was a Holder’s-but-in-a-crack dimension to this story?

  4. Spartacus says

    Andrew Klavan once described this administration as — I’m going from memory here — “so feckless that if a feck ever managed to sneak into the West Wing, it would die of loneliness.”
    Barack and Valerie have been presented with information that does not fit their preconceived worldview, and asked for a course of action.  The scene probably bore some resemblance to one of those old Star Trek episodes where Capt. Kirk presents a rogue computer villain with a logical paradox, whereupon the computer then starts sparking, smoking, and generally overloading, all the while protesting, “That does not compute… That does not compute… That does not compute.”  Unfortunately, on board this ship of state, the roles are reversed, and if this episode of Global Security Trek has a happy ending, it will be by the grace of God.

  5. Mike Devx says

    This plot is due to the fact that Obama has not bowed to Achmadenijad yet.  The little pipspeak was affronted because everyone else he knew had been bowed to, and he hadn’t.  Obama needs to meet with him, and bow several times in deference.  Then, to make up the belatedness, maybe he could like Achmadenijad’s boots for awhile, and even kiss his ass.


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