When math and magic come together

We’ve been reading a lot about Republican movie habits versus Democrat movie habits.  It turns out, though, that there is an even simpler way to figure out what movies people will like.  Some basic math will magically determine your favorite movie out of a list of 17 movies.  It’s true.  Try it out and you’ll see for yourself.

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  • suek

    Caught me on that one.
    There was a very interesting show on Nat Geo a couple of nights ago – about the abilities and tricks our minds play on us.  How we get fooled by optical illusions – that kind of thing.  Also how we only see some things because we focus on others.
    That link was similar.  Different, but still similar…!

  • jj

    Very endearing.  My favorite movie is O’Jugear’s concession speech.  If somebody films it, could be.

  • Marica

    When is seems that all is lost, BW reminds us that there is hope. These +/- *// games have been around for ever.I didn’t even bother to see the movie. I was just interested in how the numbers played out.

    Pick a number. Multiply by three. Add three.

    Please. Isn’t multiplication addition writ large?  


  • Mike Devx

    For those who have discarded their algebra over the years:

    Your movie number:X
    Multiply by 3: 3X
    Add 3:  3X + 3
    Multiply by 3:   3(3X + 3) or, 9X + 9

    9X + 9 is always a multiple of 9.

    A number fact: When you add the digits of a multiple of 9, they always add to 9.
    9, 18, 27, 36, 45, etc,
    Add the digits, always equals 9.  Or, when you get high enough, to another multiple of 9, eg 189, 198, etc)

    So choice # 9 is always the answer:  Obama’s Concession Speech. 

  • suek

    Awww Mike…

    You’re spoiling the fun!

    My mistake wasn’t the math – my mistake was reading Obama’s “concession” speech as just another Obama speech – didn’t read the specifics…!

    And just for kicks…the digits of multiples of 9 adding to nine has always been one of those obscure facts that I found fascinating. One of the simple things in life!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Mike D – funny that you should put it in simple mathematical terms. It would have been fun, had ABC to Z still participated on this blog, to watch their heads explode.

    Math? For Math Barbie and Liberals, math is tough!

  • suek

    >>If somebody films it, could be.>>

    Is there anything he does that isn’t filmed by someone?? (and probably prearranged)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    9. The Obama Concession Speech, 2012


    I think I would prefer it to be 9. The Left’s Death Poem and mass suicide speech


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Btw, for people who haven’t figured out the trick yet, do all the numbers from 1-9 and you’ll begin to see what’s really happening.