• michal

     Ican’t seem to see the embedded videos anymore. Is this my browser settings or something with WordPress? Anyone else having this problem? is there a url for the above so I can see it? thanks.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      Michal: I think I fixed it. The problem wasn’t your browser, it was a bad code. YouTube has changed some of their coding links, and if I forget a step in gathering the URL, I end up with a great deal of nothingness.

  • Mike Devx

    I can’t see this post’s embedded video either.

    Michal, if you go back to Book’s main page and scroll down five posts to “A Peervasive Sense Of Entitlement”, can you see that embedded video?  I can.

    (I have been unable to see embedded videos on Book’s main page several times in the past.  But when I’ve clicked on each post’s link to go just that link (with comments) I’ve always been able to see the embedded video there.  This is the first time that trick hasn’t worked either.)

  • michal

    I could see the Entitlement post.
    I can’t see them if I click on the post. I see the comments tho.
    Some kind of glitch, is my guess.
    thanks for the feedback.

  • JKB

    We’re gonna have a revolution.  Catered, of course.  With mocha lattes, pizza and those little cakes everyone loves.  The UPS truck should be by any time now with manna from corporations.  

    It will be diverse and all inclusive, except for Jews, there was a vote and the Jews are out.  Yes, we know, that’s not all inclusive but it was decided democratically so it’s okay.

    Oh, and although we disavow religion, we are just like Jesus and the moneychangers.  Really we are, except for that whole Christianity thing.

    Be sure to watch for us on Twitter and Youtube.  We’ll be posting through our cell phone providers as well as the open wireless of local businesses.