Who is Barack Obama, really?

As Barack Obama’s presidency brings America (and the world?) ever closer to the precipice, more and more people are finally asking the questions that ought to have been asked in 2007 and 2008.  (We, of course, have always been asking those questions.)

One of the people who has been following most closely the raff and skaff with whom Obama has surrounded himself since his childhood is Trevor Loudon, whom you know from the Watcher’s Council.  He’s now published a book putting together all of his research into Obama’s associates and mentors, as well as examining the clues Obama has given us about his own belief system.  If you have a little extra money lying around, this is a book you should check out.

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    Days after President Barack Obama stumped in North Carolina for his jobs proposals, officials reported Friday that the state’s unemployment rate edged up in September.
    The state Employment Security Commission reported that the jobless rate was 10.5 percent, up from 10.4 percent in August. The rate is the highest in a year and a half and remains far above the national average of 9.1 percent.

    Who is he? King Midas with a black thumb.

    ..or the worst alchemist ever – everything he touches turn to sh*t!

    black thumb


    A wannabe gardener who kills plants. Opposite of green thumb.
    I have killed all the plants in my house. I must have a black thumb.

    King Midas was chosen as an umpire in a musical contest between Apollo (the lyre) and Pan (a pipe of reeds). The other god who was an umpire of course, picked Apollo because the sound of his lyre was the most heavenly thing ever heard. The song he played on his lyre could only be equaled by the singing of the Muses! Of course…Midas being the idiot he was, chose Pan over Apollo. Apollo got really mad and made Midas’s ears turn into those of a donkey. Why? Because it was foolish to side against a god that was obviously more powerful than Pan.
    Midas tried to hide his donkey ears under a cap and the only person who saw them was his hair stylist. Midas made the barber promise not to tell anyone about the donkey ears, and he agreed. Later, the barber couldn’t take it any longer. So he went out and dug a hole in a field and just kept saying “King Midas has asses ears” over and over again into the ground. When he left.

  • Mike Devx

    Paul Krugman must be Obama’s most favoritestest and most coolest economist.  One pictures them drinking it up late into the evening, ending with a drunken, arms-around-the-shoulders-and-swaying moment where they chant over and over, “Print more money! Print more money! Print more money!”

    Check out Krugman’s latest, “analyzing” the problems at the EU summit:


    What Krugman cannot accept – and the reason why he cannot correctly assign blame – is that Greece is the first modern European socialist state to approach utter and complete economic failure.  For that would repudiate his – and Obama’s – Keynesian economic system, which MUST NOT be refuted.  Yet the evidence is staring them in the face, and they can do nothing but pretend it is not the problem.

    Greece is going the way of the Weimar Republic, the first to slip into the economic hellhole, into the abyss.  Others are poised to slip and helplessly follow on the dark, sliding spiral down.  All of Europe *knows* this yet they avert their eyes (and brains) from the terrible truth.  Krugman thinks “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” – that it is fear alone that is generating all the conditions of collapse – but he is utterly, completely wrong.  Sometimes you do, in fact, run out of other peoples’ money, Mr.Krugman.

    He’s right in that article about one thing: The EU is constrained by not having complete control of its financials system.  And thank God for that: If Krugman got his wish, this would play out to a certain ghastly end, with every single EU country dragged kicking and screaming in horror, one at a time, down the economic hellhole that Greece is already descending into.  Krugman would take them ALL into oblivion, each country one at a time, chanting his Keynesian mantra through that dark night like Nero at his fiddling best, until all have disappeared.

    But not all are willing to go willingly to their own executions.  And the drama at the EU summit – very tense, erupting with anger as they attempt to compromise the uncompromisable – the drama is intense.  Can they find a way out?

    I’m not here dancing on their gallows, delighting in their misery.  Wait until our pensions crises hit here in the USA.  Wait until California and/or Illinois demand their bailouts from the rest of us.  (Let alone be concerned with our monstrous national debt and entitlements crises…)  We’ll survive – perhaps barely – the worst that the EU throws our way, no matter how bad IT gets.  But our internal crises are only beginning.  We’re not as far down the curve as the EU, is all.

  • jj

    Sherlock Holmes would be very disappointed with these people, the Obamas and Krugmans of the world.  “Never theorize in advance of the facts,” Holmes said.  “If you do, you will inevitably start twisting the facts to fit your theory.”  Paul Krugman, who is really the poster child for the value of Nobel Prizes, has spent his life diligently twisting facts to harmonize with his – or John Maynard Keynes’ – theories.  I am often enough wrong. but it must be truly beyond awful to be wrong every single time you open your mouth.  Clean sweep: wrong 100% of the time.  No wonder the man is a mess, imagine what that must be like: wrong every time he has a thought.  The only thing that saves his sanity – if you grant that ‘sanity’ is among his virtues – is to live a life of constant denial and avoidance of those realities which are perfectly plain to everyone else. 
    If he were a little bit less of a shit-weasel I might sympathize with the horrid psychological predicament with which he’s lumbered himself.  As it is, I will feel no pity when the day arrives that his head finally explodes, but will instead take from it a full measure of glee.