• DL Sly

    Oh, this’ll never fly.  It has way too much common sense, and it’s written in plain English not legaleese.  Not to mention it fails to blame George Bush.

  • Spartacus

    Hmm.  Looks like humility and grace are a couple of items that are out of stock on Wall Street, although I understand how they might be a bit frustrated with these brainless, unwashed, ungrateful…  oops.  Ah, well, those things are hard to keep in stock, you know?
    But the logic is quite solid.

  • suek


    There’s more space on that page. They could have used a larger type size. I mean…they really _could_ have used a larger type size. And maybe bold it as well.

    Nevertheless…the message gets across.

  • bizcor

    I absolutely love it!!!! These people do not realize who they are screwing with. Wall Street Didn’t get big and powerful by being stupid. I have saved this and will send it out to many of the people I know.

  • jj

    Sorry.  I guess I know what he’s (she’s) driving at, but overall it’s unimpressive, and the non sequitur at the end leaves me a trifle cold.  I end up not actually discerning a clear message once past the first paragraph.  (Yes, we’re ass*****, but so are you?  Yes, we’re ass*****, but we pay for you to be the same way?  Put us out of business and we’ll come and bite your heads off?  We’re all geniuses at what we do [no, btw, you’re not] and if we have to be we can be geniuses at teaching and landscaping too?  [I’ll bet a considerable amount you couldn’t.]  No, we’re not going to buy a new Mercedes and therefore you’re life is in jeopardy?)
    The first paragraph is very good, very pointed, very much on message.  The rest of it was not. 

  • Marica

    I’m with jj.

    I simply did not like the tone, which sounds remarkably like the Occupiers. I have some serious doubts about the claims, as well. I don’t think the author of this could landscape his/her yard or teach 3rd grade. I also didn’t get the bit about eating “what we kill.” Hey Dude, huntin’ season starts real soon. Take some (clearly) much needed time off and come on down to Mississippi and we’ll see how you do. 

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  • Mike Devx

    I’m sympathetic to his or her basic idea: We’re not just going to disappear, you know.  But as protest screeds go, this is right up there with Elizabeth Warren’s.  So overall I too am with jj.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wall Street do not have the skill set to replace my electrician, my plumber, my door and window installer.  Let alone the nurse, regular doctor, or brain surgeon.  And they won’t exactly enjoy their reduction in income whatever they would end up doing.  It’s unpersuasive.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Why worry about Russians, Islamos, or the Chinese when you already have invaders in America occupying it?


    Anyone need a giggle – this headline should help.
    Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders

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