• MacG

    Thanks for ht morning laugh (or I’d cry) moment.  The report in the last paragraph is symbolic.  Perhaps the White House is so full of it it can’t contain it any longer and the effluent will be hitting the self reliance fan anytime now.

  • Charles Martel

    I’ve often heard it said that western cultures are guilt cultures while eastern cultures are shame cultures. I find that to be a useful stereotype.
    But now that enlightened westerners have shed guilt, they haven’t replaced it with shame. Which is a shame. The diaper-wearing boy-man Steyn writes about obviously feels no guilt over his scam. Too bad nothing else is there to make him see how much he has debased himself.

  • Caped Crusader

    Would you not love to see Gen. George S. Patton in charge of straightening out and solving and correcting such idiosyncratic behavior, and making men out of these babies?
    America, America, where in the hell have you gone?


    #Occupy Diaper Movement – Approved by Social Security Admin. 
    #OWS – Approved by Zippy & Friends.
    Send in the Talc Regiment – as if there’s a difference between making the streets your ‘crib’ or building one.