Watcher’s Council results for October 28

If this is Tuesday, it must be time for me to post last week’s Watcher’s Council results.  Yay!

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Ymarsakar

    There’s this colony of 4 cats underneath the back yard porch, where they somehow dug a hole that larger animals like dogs can’t get to. One pure black cat with brown tipped tail, I assume is the mother. And 3 smaller cats that look to be 6-1 year olds. Two pure black fur and one, which seem the oldest or the protector of the group, has white streaks in the black fur.

    They’re so cute when they play around and test their hunting skills. They immediately go underground when they see the door open, although these cats are so young they don’t quite understand how to read each other’s danger signals. So they sit around and have to look, before they understand why the other cats got into safety first. When they smell food, they approach in a cautious pattern, sniffing the ground, and looking up and around for threats, then slowly approaching the food and sniffing it. The white streaked fur kittie looks to have good security awareness, always looking up and around for threats while periodically eating. The other two black kitties seem to be less brave and at the front in the group.

    It’s useful to have a colony of feral cats around since you don’t have to clean up after them the way household cats do. You don’t have to deal with allergies, and you can pretty much get rid of a lot of pests and rats that may try to infiltrate and breed in your home through some crevice underneath the foundations. Now if we can breed cats, which are classified as a penultimate apex predator btw in food chains that aren’t inhabited by larger predators such as tigers or lynxes, to eat roaches and kill copperhead snakes, they’ll be even more useful.

    Remember, human beings don’t support weaker and smaller animals for no reason. There are a lot of mutual interests that are being contracted out. No such entity such as government can set the “price” of such transactions anywhere close to reality. Because a lot of it is non-standard and informal and emotional based.


  • Mike Devx

    Congratulations, Book!  A worthy winning post!

    Joshuapundit’s was worthy competition, very good as well.  Someone had to say it:  Western media are giving the Libyans a free pass on their horrific treatment of Qadaffi and the desecration of his corpse, actions which are endemic to Arab culture and *deserve* condemnation from the West.  Our standards of behavior are higher than that and we should be very critical, but we’re not.

  • Mike Devx

    I’ll take a moment for an off-topic post.
    Is the EU crisis really entering a new stage?  This is a relatively short article containing one new nugget: Current Greek leadership faces a vote of confidence (parliamentarian) on Friday.  The current president, under duress, has scheduled a vote of the Greek people on the EU package; the mere fact of the people getting to vote on it has the entire continent screaming, EU Brussels bureaucratics in a frenzy, and their markets in total turmoil.  Current leadership has: “summoned the chiefs of the army, navy and air-force and announced that they were being replaced by other senior officers.



  • Ymarsakar

    I doubt the Demoncrat’s standards are higher than Libya’s.