Front page on the San Francisco Comical: Occupy Oakland destroying small businesses

You and I have long known that the Occupy movement is destructive, not constructive.  The MSM, however, was very excited, largely because they too knew it was destructive.  Their problem was that they assumed it would destroy “Wall Street.”

By the way, there’s an amorphous concept if ever I heard one.  While many businesses have headquarters in New York, and the stock exchange is located there, and there is, of course, a street named “Wall Street,” the fact remains that American business isn’t magically confined to this one street.  American business is a dynamic enterprise with ownership and control spread through America and even the world.  The Progressive focus on “Wall Street,” as if it’s spring 1929 all over again, is just more evidence, if we need it, that the Progressive movement is hopelessly locked in the past.

But back to the businesses that the Occupy movement is successfully destroying.  It must be serious if the San Francisco Chronicle, cheerleader to all Leftists, writes a front page story about the way in which Occupy is destroying, not evil “Wall Street” people, but little Mom and Pop businesses instead:

Kevin Best and Misty Rasche remember when they had waiting lists for a Friday reservation at their bistro in the historic Old Oakland business district.

That was in 2007, before the recession hit and a series of angry protests that would come to define downtown Oakland.

Most recently, business at their B Restaurant & Bar has been harmed further since Occupy Oakland tents went up at City Hall on Oct. 10. Best and Rasche worry that the collateral damage from the protest may be the final blow for their restaurant.

“If we go two more months like this,” Best said, “it’s a wrap.”


The damage done by a small element of Occupy Oakland could have long-lasting effects on a downtown already struggling to overcome a bad reputation for business.

“Many, many Oakland residents … feel that this is disrupting every effort this city has made to have economic development,” said Councilwoman Pat Kernighan. “This has set us back 15 years.”

In the week before Wednesday’s general strike, three businesses pulled out of downtown lease negotiations, including one with 100 employees and another needing 35,000 square feet of space, said Joe Haraburda, president and CEO of Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

At the same time, the tents and civil unrest have pushed some restaurant receipts down 50 to 60 percent, he said.

Read the rest here.  I have nothing to add.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    And so, once again, the Democrat Left does to Oakland what they did to Detroit.

  • 11B40


    I much prefer the San Francisco Commicle moniker because it maintains the last four letters and the double-m makes reference to its favored ideology.

    And oh, yeah, did I mention that its editor was once bitten by a co-located Komodo Dragon who apparently thought that the editor’s leg was some kind of mobile hors d’oervre ???

  • JKB

    Funny, nothing in the article addresses that the current protest is fully supported by the city officials.  So, these small businesses are getting the government they voted for.  They should have calculated the governmental risk when they decided to waste their money on Oakland.

    There’s even quote from the useless mayor who indicates two restaurants have closed.  I wonder what she could have done to help the tax base? 

  • suek

    Komodo dragons…ugh. Saw a Nat Geo show on them once. They bite their victim, and in doing so inoculate them with the bacteria that reside in their mouths as a result of eating rotting meat. Then they follow their “bitee” until the infection kills them, and proceed to consume them.


    I have no doubt that normal antibiotics took care of preserving the aforementioned editor from the same fate.