Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” as you’ve never heard it before

I honestly do not think I’ve ever seen a better cover of a Lady Gaga song.  Even if you’re not a Lady Gaga fan — indeed, especially if you’re not a Lady Gaga fan — you’ll enjoy this:

If the video embed doesn’t show, watch it here.

In case you’re wondering, it’s apparently a spoof of the song.  A YouTube commenter translated the lyrics as follows:

Dear son, you are so buy at work that you don’t visit us as often. You even sounds so busy when we are on the phone. We your parents have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Guess what, turn on your TV tonight and see us GaGa. If you like it, give us a standing ovation so we don’t get too nervous. If you love it, join us and sing with us. Now let your grandma (GaGa) show you something.