Yes, #OWS is antisemitic. Bill Whittle explains why. And I explain why there is no 99%.

This is as pithy a summary as any I’ve seen about the antisemitism permeating Occupy Wall Street, and binding together the Left, the Islamists, and the White Supremacists:

(If the video isn’t showing up, watch here.)

By the way, why is no one commenting on the fact that the so-called 99% are not a monolithic block, but range from the 1% crazy guy eating food out of a garbage can, all the way up to the 98% gal who was raised in poverty, but worked her way up to splendid financial independence?

This whole 99% versus 1% thing is insanely stupid.  The American reality is that we don’t live in the Middle Ages, we don’t live in a totalitarian dictatorship such as North Korea or Cuba, we don’t live in pre-Revolutionary France, or in any other time or place where the vast majority of citizens are or were a monolithic block of nasty, brutish and short lives, rules over by a few vastly wealthy despots.

Yes, there are some vastly wealthy people in America, although the ones such as Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are singularly disinterested in political power, instead just wanting toys (Ellison) or to save the lives of Third World children (Gates).  Mostly, America represents a rare economic continuum.  There is no 99%.  Instead, in America, we have the 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% . . . 50%, 51%, 52%, 53% . . . 87%, 88%, 89%, with the vast majority living in the middle of the percentage bell curve, a bell curve that has nothing to do with either Wall Street wealth or Zuccotti homelessness or even spoiled brat student loans.

Hat tip:  Ed Driscoll

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  • David Foster

    “the antisemitism permeating Wall Street”…I think you mean the antisemitism pervading OCCUPY Wall Street.

    • Bookworm

      Thanks. I fixed it.

  • Earl

    Heard a guy on the radio yesterday who had analyzed the data and said that, based on the historical record, the likelihood of someone in the bottom quintile today being in the top quintile in 20 years is GREATER than that person staying in the bottom quintile for those 20 years.
    The way it is usually presented, one gets the impression that everyone is locked into the quintile for the long term – so that snatching money from the selfish rich at the top and giving it to the miserable poor at the bottom is simply “the right thing to do”.
    We’re being “had”…..but only if we’re willing…..or innumerate.

  • Mike Devx


    Also, I saw a report that 24% of the people in the 1% in 2009 were no longer in the 1% in 2010.  They had been replaced by risers from the other 99%.

    We have amazing income mobility in this country, up and down.  We’re not a caste society.  I bet that even in much of Europe, supposedly a bastion of Western economic and philosophical thought, they’re more stratified and resistant to people moving “from their place”.

    Maybe we do have yet another reason to view America as an exceptional nation!

  • Michael Adams

    If you ever met my bit, um, uh, ah,  British sister in law, you’d know that it it THE reason we are exceptional.

  • Earl

    Yeah, well…..before we all get a bit too puffed up (and I agree about the exceptionalism y’all have mentioned):  Could we be the first nation that has freely elected a leader who HATES what our country has stood for since the founding, and does not truly believe in the Founding Documents?
    It reminds me of a man who marries a woman on the basis of what she “could be” if only he can change her into his vision of what she “should be”.  My sister was briefly engaged to a guy like that, broke away on a three-week choir trip in Poland, saw the truth when she got back, and broke the engagement.  I wish that we could break OURS as easily……four years allows for a lot of damage.

  • Ymarsakar

    The original White Supremacists started in the South, as Democrats. They were originally Bedford Forrest’s method of reintegrating slaves back into the plantation through peaceful and honorable ways. That obviously failed (wasn’t his fault, it’s sort of like making communism “work”) but splinter factions of the KKK branched off and utilized more “direct” wetwork to “convince” freed slaves to go back to the “fold” after the Civil War was over.

     Hey, it all goes back to Democrats. Coincidence? Heh

  • David Foster

    Earl…”It reminds me of a man who marries a woman on the basis of what she “could be” if only he can change her into his vision of what she “should be””

    I developed this theme as one of two analogies for Obama in my post he’s just not that into us

    Analogy #1: We are a young woman in a 19th-century English novel. Our personality is a bit quirky and not to everyone’s taste; however, we are good-looking by most standards, and we carry an enormous dowry.
    Obama is a young gentleman of scant means who finds us pretty strange and not really to his liking, but nevertheless has wooed us fervently, knowing that once we are married he will win the admiration of his friends–we’re considered a darned good catch–and will become quite wealthy. And he’s confident that in short order he will be able to use his charm and his authority over us to change our personality into something more to his liking. 

  • Earl

    Perfect, David!!
    I suspect that the citizenry of the U.S. of A. is not quite as “biddable” as a Victorian maiden of means, however.  At least, I fervently hope not!

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s more like a harem, where some women are allied against other women, with some preferring to win favors from the man and others who believe their will should supercede Obama’s desires.

  • Karl

    When I click on it, I get a note saying “This video is private”.
    I guess it’s been demoted from General?