#OWS: Making the journey from evil to feral

When my son was very little, he always asked me, “Are lions bad?”  What he really meant to ask is “Are lions evil?”  I always explained to him that lions aren’t bad, because they don’t make moral decisions.  They are animals, acting according to instinct.  Evil means understanding right or wrong.

I’m beginning to think that, when people choose Leftism, they are making a moral decision that is evil.  However, once having sold their souls, they revert to a feral state that no longer bears any relationship to rational human behavior or morality.  That theory would explain the occupiers’ entirely voluntary decision to reside in a place like this:

As the weather turns, the protesters in Zuccotti Park, the nexus of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan, have been forced to confront a simple truth: packing themselves like sardines inside a public plaza, where cigarettes are shared and a good night’s sleep remains elusive, may not be conducive to good health.


Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr., the director of clinical microbiology and immunology at NYU Langone Medical Center, said the conditions could leave park-dwellers susceptible to respiratory viruses; norovirus, the so-called winter vomiting virus, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea and which could quickly overwhelm the limited bathroom facilities in the area; and tuberculosis, which is more common in indigent populations and can be spread by coughing.

Even some camping in the park have grown concerned in recent weeks with the living quarters. Damp laundry and cardboard signs, left in the rain, have provided fertile ground for mold. Some protesters urinate in bottles, or occasionally a water-cooler jug, to avoid the lines at public restrooms. Food, from orange peels to scrambled eggs, is often discarded outside tents.


Demonstrators do maintain a medical tent, filled mostly with over-the-counter medications and alternative treatments, like herbal remedies. Some have spotted shamans walking the premises, Mr. Carey said, though licensed doctors and nurses often take volunteer shifts in the tent as well. Some strap flashlights to their heads, like workers in a mine shaft, because the site becomes so dark at night. (The tent has no electricity.)


Although condoms are often available on-site, Dr. Tierno said the protest’s evolution to private tents, from sleeping out in the open, had raised the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The site’s pounding drum circles, he added, could lead to hearing damage. He compared conditions at Zuccotti Park to those in a hajj — the pilgrimage to Mecca, in which whole groups of people have come down with respiratory infections in a short time — and those experienced by the flower children of the 1960s, when, he said, communal living situations created problems with sanitation and sexually transmitted diseases.


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  • skullbuster
  • suek

    Hah.  Now let’s wait for the lawsuit – because somehow the State didn’t prevent them from being exposed to TB…

  • JKB

    Now you know why the people who own zuccoti park, tried to clear it and clean it till they were stopped by Bloomberg.  Liability.


    “It’s called Zuccotti lung,” said Willie Carey, 28, a demonstrator from Chapel Hill, N.C. “It’s a real thing.” 
    If they ever decide to raise their own flag, it should have a skull and crossbones and they can overlay the ‘vendetta’ mask over the skull.

  • Libby

    Great, so when these Darwin award types use a nearby business’s bathroom, or when they finally scamper home, they’ll be bringing their lovely diseases with them. I’m most concerned about the drug-resistant TB.
    I’ll be curious to see how many of them are able to recognize what fool’s they’ve been by choosing to live in such a state. Y

  • Charles Martel

    Libby, when they start spreading diseases at home, they’ll just say that the immense corruption of Wall Street and the One Percent forced them to take to the streets. It was the capitalists’ fault that they had to live in such primitive conditions to make their voices heard.

  • Libby

    Looks like they really are going feral in Portland:
    “On Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Mayor Sam Adams indicated that the “balance has tipped” at Occupy Portland and that the parks will be temporarily closed for maintenance beginning Sunday November 13, 2011 at 12:01 a.m.

    People in the camp are expecting 100-300 re-enforcements from various locations. There may even be as many as 150 anarchists who will arrive soon. There is information that people may be in the in trees during a police action and that there are people who are attempting to obtain a large number of gas masks.
    There is a hole being dug in one of the parks and wood is being used to reinforce the area around it. There are reports that nails have been hammered into wood for weapons and that generally there are people in the camps preparing for a confrontation with police.”


    Add this to your lexicon…
    “Although, as a rule, I prefer avoiding using words in my articles that will send most normal people scurrying for their dictionary, I only recently came across ‘anosognosia’ and I felt I should share it because it so perfectly describes the mental condition of liberals. It is the total unawareness of one’s own disease, disability or defect. So when we find ourselves asking why leftists think and act as they do, apparently living in a fantasy world totally disconnected from reality, at least we now know there’s a word that defines it.” -columnist Burt Prelutsky

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Hey. Martel. You know it’s still Bush’s fault and the Republican’s fault. Wall Street is in Republican pockets! Big corporation is controlled by right wing fascist Republicans!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I’m beginning to think that, when people choose Leftism, they are making a moral decision that is evil.  

    You won’t get any disagreement on this point from me, dear Book. As for why…. well, people can make that guess themselves.