How to live on public benefits in California

UPDATED: We’ve been pwned by a very clever satirist.

You will not believe this video.  Or, looking at our bankrupt states and federal government, you will believe this video:

Hat tip:  Caped Crusader and Earl Aagaard, both of whom sent it to me

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  1. Mike Devx says

    That woman is either a brutally, utterly honest expert at scamming the system, or she’s a brilliant conservative actress deliberately stoking the outrage.  Wow!  What a video.

  2. Charles Martel says

    Mike, I thought your second thought, too. No welfare queen could be stupid enough to spill the beans like that, could she?
    You there?

  3. Caped Crusader says

    Mike, Charles — wake up!
    There is no need to work as long as the Democrats exist as presently constituted. This is without a doubt an instructional video for the aphids in our country. As Chauncey Gardner says, “There is much work to be done in the garden”; but the garden is more rapidly going more fallow by the day due to absent workers.

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