How to live on public benefits in California

UPDATED: We’ve been pwned by a very clever satirist.

You will not believe this video.  Or, looking at our bankrupt states and federal government, you will believe this video:

Hat tip:  Caped Crusader and Earl Aagaard, both of whom sent it to me

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  • Mike Devx

    That woman is either a brutally, utterly honest expert at scamming the system, or she’s a brilliant conservative actress deliberately stoking the outrage.  Wow!  What a video.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I thought your second thought, too. No welfare queen could be stupid enough to spill the beans like that, could she?
    You there?

  • Caped Crusader

    Mike, Charles — wake up!
    There is no need to work as long as the Democrats exist as presently constituted. This is without a doubt an instructional video for the aphids in our country. As Chauncey Gardner says, “There is much work to be done in the garden”; but the garden is more rapidly going more fallow by the day due to absent workers.

  • hoads

    This satirist (Chapter) actually has a conservative message:

    And the video above goes with her music video on youtube – search “It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT”

  • Caped Crusader

    As previously stated, it is still a great educational and instructional video. Any falsehoods contained therein?

  • neocon hippie

    Scroll down to the bottom of the post and the photograph of the female student on the left (no pun intended)
    Says it all, doesn’t it?
    Nothing evokes peace better than a raised fist.
    Orwell described this 60+ years ago.

  • bizcor

    Thanks Book for posting this I will do my best to make it viral. My emotions are at devcon 10


    Thanks for the link to Chapter, I had only seen this video earlier this year.