• 11B40


    You understand, of course, that you’re rewarding two of the baser parts of my egotistical intellect. One part is the definition of a lawyer by Ambrose Bierce as “one skilled in getting around the law”. The other is my personal theory that the only arguments I’ve won with women are the ones that aren’t over yet.

    Perhaps another thought problem will be helpful. As Mr. M enters the locker room on his most fateful of days, a trained, experienced, equipped police officer enters the same exact locker room in a parallel universe far, far away. Compare and contrast. 

  • Mike Devx

    Is that officer in the State Police or local police, Earl?  I suspect local police in JoePa’s little college town are part of the problem, not the solution…

  • 11B40

    Greetings:  especially Mike Devx at number two

    I much agree with your observation. Since the beginning of the media’s incursion into Penn State, I have been totally underwhelmed by its lack of interest or reporting on what seems to me an unusual policing paradigm. In one of my earlier comments, I wondered how the system worked out there. Do the police report to elected or appointed officials? Is Penn State some kind of unelected fiefdom where those appropriately educated and credentialed abide as lords of the manor?  It seems somewhat strange to me.

    As to my thought problem, what I was trying to lead people to was the idea that many people seem to expect that the results of Mr. McQueary’s arrival on the scene would produce results very similar to those of a police officer without the latter’s training, experience, or equipment.

    If I were to counsel people on how to handle similar situations, I would start with upon your arrival, your greatest value to society is your witnessing of the crime. I would advise identifying likely avenues of escape and protecting your access to them. From there, I would go to a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) type analysis to size up any additional actions. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Certain police, and not just the NYPD, LAPD, and NOPD, have an interesting circle going on. I’ve personally seen people get murdered and the bodies dumped and disposed of by the police as simply being a natural cause death, when a coroner’s report was never made or allowed. When there is video and previous violent shenanigans at the same place the body was dumped in the back of. The police in these little circle jerks seem to be able to cover it up quite well, even for decades at a time. It’s just how it is. If Republicans or anyone else thinks the police are going to be on their side when it comes to going up against big bad government or terrorists, just remember Katrina. Reality doesn’t work quite the way people think it should.