Sunday morning Open Thread

Sorry for the blog silence yesterday but, as you’ve probably guessed, it was a busy day.  From the time I got up, until I went to bed, I was in Mom mode, and that precluded any blogging time.  Today is shaping up much the same.  I might be able to sneak in some blogging later, but I’m not optimistic.

In other words, you guys are on your own.  It’s up to you to provide content.  Fortunately, I know you’re up to the task!

Just for your delectation, this is why Newt might win despite his checkered past.  He seems to be the only politician right now ready, willing and able, not just to articulate a vision of a Constitutional America (whether or not he personally embraces that notion 100%) and to say what we’re all thinking:

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  • JKB

    From Duke university, a defense of the ‘useless’ major.  It’s all about connections.

    My major is “real,” too, OK? | The Chronicle 

  • Ymarsakar

    Real jobs, real majors. Does anyone get the sense that the Left has created a pseudo reality and didn’t inform us that they were replacing our own with it?

  • Mike Devx

    What a great satire that link is.  I laughed.

    There is just the *slimmest* of chances that it’s not a satire…  Sad that I would even have to entertain the possibility.

  • Michael Adams

    Did everyone notice that the clip was posted by People for the American Way, no doubt shocked, appalled,  and disbelieving?


    Mike, you are not alone and some of the comments reinforce the doubt on whether or not is satire. I read a few other articles from the author as well.
    Quite entertaining and would have been more so, if not for the current headlines. 
    Thanks JKB  for the link.


    Sit down and have a good giggle with the “Bradys” :)
    The Chicago Sun Times has some fun with an online scammer.
    The scam begins with an email from a Mr. Fred Nickolas of “EBay Secret Shopper LLC.”
    In his initial email to The Fixer, Fred says his “premier mystery shopping company” employs 500,000 secret shoppers to evaluate various businesses. He claims to be offering a “satisfying and rewarding” job that will pay $400 a week. So we apply for the job, using the Chicago Sun-Times email address of and the name “Jan Brady” (one of six siblings whose current job as a singer for The Silver Platters hasn’t been paying so well).


  • Mike Devx

    It’s been three weeks since the harassment allegations against Herman Cain surfaced.  I said I’d wait at least two weeks before making determinations…

    Isn’t it interesting that now that Cain has taken a popularity hit, the media has stopped pushing the story; and the women appear to have stopped, too?  The urgency is gone.  I find that interesting.  Aside from that, nothing has been resolved.  Not one fact or item of proof against Herman Cain has come to light.  Those who pay attention to the serious power maneuvers of politics will have taken notice that Herman Cain was hurt, perhaps destroyed, by nothing more than allegations.  That is frightening, deeply frightening, for our political future.

    I’m not supporting Cain currently (anymore).  I’m back among the completely undecideds.  In my case it was the first 1:20 of the Libya interview video with the Milkwaukee Journal Sentinel staff:

    Cain’s weakness here is that he is showing a severe lack of public political skills.  He’s on unsure ground with foreign policy questions, but he’s hardly the first president (candidate) to lack foreign policy expertise.  The problem is that he can’t HANDLE the questions.  There *is* a skill set associated with being a politician, and Cain lacks it.  I’ve heard it said that Cain is Reaganesque, but Reagan spent years and years honing his political skills, and Cain has a severe lack in this area.  It’s significant and important.  Reagan also had a solid grasp of fundamental principles when it came to foreign policy, and he would have answered these Libya questions (I believe) with smooth answers based on those principles, smoothly hiding any lack of detailed knowledge.  That is a political skill: How to answer the question so that you hide your weaknesses.  (It’s part of being a “teflon president”.)

    In a way, it’s a question of deceit.  Say what you will about Obama, the man is almost always a magnificent deceiver.  This deceit works on the public within the media (especially because the media repeatedly let him off the hook, deliberately.  Of course the media know he’s doing it, but they’re on his side, so he gets away with it far more easily than most politicians.)

    I’m beginning to think that no pure businessman is capable of running the USA (the Executive Branch as President).  That one must spend years of time in public office, first, at lower positions, to develop the political skill set required to be effective.  Reagan spent years as GE spokesman.  Wikipedia says he often had to give fourteen speeches per day, speeches which he wrote himself, and via these developed a strong bedrock conservative philosophy that he could articulate at will.  This culminated in the great speech supporting Goldwater in 1964.  He then ran for and won Governor of California, and ran that state for years before then moving into presidential politics.  We diminish Reagan’s actual natural strengths and his political skills development when we call Cain “Reaganesque”.  Cain is not ready to be a presidential politician.  Can Cain’s leadership skills within business translate to the political arena?  He’s shown no signs of it yet.

    Which is an interesting juxtaposition with Gingrich.  Gingrich has developed the political skills for this presidential run.  He appears to have learned a lot during the twelve to fifteen years since he was Speaker.  The question for Gingrich is does he have the *leadership* skills?  

    Just as, with Romney, the question is, does HE have any core bedrock conservative positions that we can rely on him to stick to, when the going gets tough?  And can anyone figure out Perry?

    So I’m undecided.  I easily could still vote for Cain in the Texas primary on Super Tuesday, deciding that his leadership skills will trump a lack of political skills.  Or I could go with Gingrich, or Perry.  Or even Romney – but a lack of conservative bedrock beliefs is anathema to me…   In any case, whichever of them eventually succeed, they get my vote over Obama in 2012.


    In any case, whichever of them eventually succeed, they get my vote over Obama in 2012.
    And yet, there are Democrats, who will walk into the voting booth next November  pull a handle or push a button, who only see their “blue light special guy.”