• Leah

    Ahh, Jewish humor, especially the Israeli kind.


    West Bank Story – Israeli style. In my version, it’s the Latmas vs the Fatwahs.

  • Tonestaple

    Technically, it’s not a ka-nife; it’s a chchchchnife.  Or, if you prefer, a phlegmnife.

  • Mike Devx

    I enjoyed that!  Completely non-PC.  In-your-face, unapologetic about the fierceness of its viewpoint, and proud! Awesome video.

  • http://thescherzophrenic.tumblr.com Jewel

    When you finish watching the video, click on the Tribal Update and watch that. There’s a hilarious moment at the end when an Israeli leftist named Invidious Levy says, “Yes, but if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes true.” And then he scratches his head, trying to remember where he’d heard that before.


    A friend of mine sent the link below today. Yes, it’s another flash mob dance in Jerusalem. Watch the joy on the faces of the onlookers. So here we have dancers and onlookers alike enjoying a moment in the sun in November.

    This was Bahrain’s first flash mob this past March. In the dark all 12 of them.