The down side of working alone

I have a home office and have worked alone for a long, long time.  Mostly, I like it.  Despite being a very social person (party! party! party! — only I won’t drink or do drugs, if you don’t mind), I really need my solitude, and a home office definitely provides that.

There are a few things one misses, though, when working alone, one of which is other people’s bon mots.  Thankfully, some bloggers share well with others.

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  • Jewel

    How funny! I wrote about a conversation my husband and I had at dinner in a restaurant a few years back. I copied and pasted it from my blog in its entirety:

    The following conversation, which took place at Ruby Tuesday’s this evening would never have been possible 20 years ago. Trust me.

    Husband: “What are you having? I’m not too hungry, I think I’ll just have the salad bar.”
    Wife: “The avocado turkey burger looks really good, I think I’ll just have that. How about you, Rachel?”
    Rachel (she always has chicken tenders and fries whenever we eat out) “I’ll have the chicken tenders and fries.”

    The waitress brought us our drinks, 2 Diet Cokes with lemon and a water (Rachel doesn’t like soda, either….go figure)

    Husband: “I figured out what I have to do in order to keep the silver back monkeys from extorting me.”
    Wife: “Oh?”
    Husband: “Yes. I just go to their home planet and annihilate everyone. But it is expensive.”
    Wife: “Well, then, why don’t you just enslave the survivors? You might be able to turn a profit that way.”
    Husband: “I would, but this particular species is really hostile. No matter what I do. First I tried being friendly, but they kept wanting me to pay, and so I just got tired of them and killed them all off.”
    Wife: “I guess so. I mean, you might have to deal with slave uprisings and such, so I suppose you had to kill everyone.”
    Husband: “It was easy, once I vaporized their home world. They just sort of folded.” Shoveling salad into his face. “These beets aren’t very good.”
    Wife: “You like Harvard beets, dear. These aren’t even pickled. They’re just beets, you know.”
    Husband: “And they didn’t have sunflower seeds. Maybe the waitress can get me some.”
    Wife: “Probably. How about you, Rachel?”
    Rachel: “I’m only in the creature phase. I can’t attack other planets. Only other creatures.”
    Wife: Well, you’ll get more aggressive once you develop a means of shooting poison gas.”
    Rachel: “I have horns, and my tail has spikes.”
    Wife: “Keep practicing. Ah, dinner’s here.”
    Rachel: “Do you want my mustard?”
    Wife: “Sure. Have my ketchup.”
    Rachel: “I have my own.”
    Husband: “Yeah, I figured that trying to be nice just isn’t possible with aliens. You just have to kill everybody and take their stuff.”
    Wife, taking a drink and thinking: “You realize, don’t you, that this conversation could never have taken place 20 odd years ago?”
    Husband, thinking, nods in agreement: “I was just trying to include Rachel in the conversation.”

    See if you can tell what video game my husband and Rachel were playing. 

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s Spore.

  • Jewel


  • Ymarsakar

    Rachel: “I’m only in the creature phase. I can’t attack other planets. Only other creatures.”

    That was the key phrase.  Only one game with both a space combat/talk phase and a creature-planet phase.

     Other space 4X games have diplomacy and blowing up aliens, as well as ground combat, but no creature phase or customization of biological individual attacks. Spore, for those that don’t know, is an “epic” styled sandbox game, where the draw is the customization of one’s societal and species evolution from amoeba to space faring uber conquering dominion, so to speak.

     Its diplomacy phase also happens when one jets around from planet to planet. And every other species around basically had the same evolution sequence as yours, just different decisions. But this does give me an idea of why the monkeys didn’t like your husband’s species. Probably because they were some kind of herbivore vs omnivore vs carnivore thing going on.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, last time I played Spore was a few months after it came out. Which was, probably, 2-4 years ago.

    But memory connects all, including time. Data analysis rules supreme in strategy and war!