Adam Carolla gets it

Okay, this is seriously NSFW, since Carolla is exceeded only by Jon Stewart when it comes to F-bombs (except without the little “beeps” that let people pretend Stewart isn’t really swearing).  If you can, though, ignore Carolla’s language and listen to it when you get the chance.  Adam Carolla applies — gasp! — logic to America’s economic situation and the OWSers.

Interestingly, he talks about envy, which has always existed.  What’s different, and what Carolla nails, is that in Obama’s “hope-filled” America, people couple envy with dependence.  Rather than using their envy to power their own engines, they use it to whine and beg.  That’s so not the American way.

Anyway, watch it and see what you think:

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  • Charles Martel

    I saw this last night and cracked up. Carolla nails it. 
    I’ve asked this before (maybe Ymarsakar can answer it): Why are people on the left, except for union thugs, such wusses, sissies, and limp wrists (oh my!)? Especially the women.

  • MacG

    Charles, maybe it is because they are the smart ones and resolve their issues by talking things out. Once everyone’s feelings are understood all will be OK EG (overheard at church regarding Al Qaeda) “Why doesn’t someone just talk to them?” (it is hard to do with your head on the ground separated from everything else).  This may simply be that many Libs are engaged in in talk therapy (not that there’s aaaanything wrong with that) :)
    There is a reason “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s whatever” is one of the big ten.  It the Lord who blesses whom He pleases and it is not ours to show disdain for what we have been given and judge Him as unfair.

  • bkivey

    That’s funny, I don’t care who you are. I noticed that the video is at the top of Google’s results when the query is ‘Adam Carolla’. He riffs on a theme I’ve been seeing for some twenty years, but he does a great job relating it to the current generation of whiners. I’d love to see a ‘white hat’ hacker embed this video on every OWS-related website.

  • Ymarsakar

    Envy turned into jealousy. Some person is jealous that this other guy has a relationship, so instead of finding his own special person, he gets a call from the federal government unions and Demoncrat operators, and they offer him all the stuff he wants from other people. All he has to do is to pay his money into the common fund and the Demoncrat operators will destroy that other guy’s relationship, enslave everyone he knows, and give the slaves to the jealous person.

    That’s basically how it works right now in the US. But that’s how it has worked in the world historically. The US is just becoming “modern” so to speak, with the times.

     We already solved the issue of why the Left is evil. There’s no need to go over that again.

  • Ymarsakar

    Union thugs, btw, are still wusses. At least if you compare them to real fighters. And by “real fighter”, there are certain qualifications and standards. Harassing unarmed people and civilians, doesn’t count. Sorry

  • Spartacus

    Ah, the semper gumby English language!  Even without knowing precisely what that means, I feel I could use it in a sentence with poise and confidence.
    (Not that I plan to, though.)  😉