How Obama really could address gay rights violations

My morning just got a wee bit complicated, so I won’t write the long, elegant post I’d imagined in my head when I read that Obama was pledging U.S. dollars to making the world safe for gays.  There’s nothing wrong with making the world safe for gays.  I heartily approve.  What got my goat was Obama’s proposal.  Thankfully for me and my desire to get my ideas out there, Zombie read my mind and explains beautifully why Obama is just pulling a political stunt, and what can really be done to advance gay rights around the world.

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  • jj

    I don’t mean to be unfriendly or anything, but I have to point out the obvious: making the world safe for gays is our deal.  Maybe Canada’s deal.  Maybe Europe’s deal, or at least part of Europe’s.  Maybe Australia and New Zealand care.  Maybe a billion or so, a few more here and there, gives a damn about making the world safe for gays.  The other six billion, or five and a half billion or whatever – don’t.  They already don’t share our values; this one they especially, emphatically, don’t.  China does not care.  All of world-wide Islam does not care.  Black Africa does not care.
    Even if Obama was serious, it’d be an uphill deal. 

  • Jose

    If Obama really follows up and ties gay rights to foreign aid, we’ll save a lot of money.