Christmas in San Francisco

San Francisco used to be charming.  Now it’s just kind of creepy — or, at least, large parts of it are.  For example, the OWSers are creepy.  Even creepier is what happens when the OWSers come together with the nekkid Santas.  And I have to ask, as I always do:  Why is it always only the ugly people who insist on taking their clothes off?

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  1. Dennis Elliott says

    At one point in my past life I was responsible for, among other things, for the management of an isolated hot springs on Forest Service land. It was a mile off a busy highway and was commonly and heavily used. My lasting memory of that experience is that that there is a very large contingent of people getting naked in public that shouldn’t be naked in the dark alone. I see now that they’ve all moved to San Francisco.

  2. Charles Martel says

    You have to understand the leftist mindset of the ugly fools who love to dangle their naked fat and flaws before the rest of us: The human body is a beautiful thing. It just has to be. And anybody who can’t see that beauty, especially in their bodies, is a vile, uptight prig.
    That attitude is apparent in other realms, such as among the pathetic homosexuals who parade their depravity at the city’s annual Folsom Street Fair, or the grim feminists who proudly sport “I Had an Abortion” T-shirts. The point is to insist that the abnormal and the revolting be perceived as otherwise. The onus is on us, the bourgeoisie, to not be epatered, and thereby prove our worthiness to stand among such progressive folk. 

  3. Jose says

    I remember hearing shortly after the reunification of Germany that the West Germans were complaining about the East Germans flocking to “their” beaches.  Seems the East Germans tended toward full nudity, and were partial to volleyball.

  4. Charles Martel says

    Considering that one in every five East Germans worked for the Stasi in one way or another, they all probably knew what everybody else looked like nekkid anyway.

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