“Keynes” and other back-pats

Here’s a Robert Samuelson article, “bye bye Keynes” that should give us all pause: the arguments he uses to write Keynes’ obituary are arguments that we all posited in our own excoriation of Keynes in years past, in response to a string of commentators, ranging from A to Z.

I’ve been reviewing our last few years at Bookworm Room and I think that we all deserve a round of huzzas and raised beer mugs or wine glasses, whatever is at hand. We’ve been so right about so many issues, be it “Keynesian”economics; anthropogenic global warming; the Islamist threat; U.S. fossil fuel reserves; “green” energy; Iraq; Obama; the EU’s collapse…and on and on und so weiter.  Sometimes, our prescience has preceded events on the ground by years.

To all of you Bookworm guests and, especially, to Bookworm, our hostess: I’m so d*** proud to know you! I am so much smarter for having enjoyed the many experiences of your insights and commentary.

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  • Charles Martel

    I think the word is out among the left’s knights errant that this room is a meat grinder. Abc got his Hahvahd-educated ass handed to him here, and poor Zach was a laughing stock by the time Book gave him a well-deserved boot. 
    I sometimes wonder how both our boys, dyed-in-the-wool Keynesians, are faring as they watch their beloved saint’s theories get shredded by reality. And for poor abc, who believed that China is the wave of the future, the collapse of the real estate market there and the almost wildfire-like spread of protests and peasant disruptions have got be a bitch of a wake-up call. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hammer, I had forgotten about “China”, its economy and its railroad system. Yup, we can notch that one, too.

    SADIE, brilliant link. I will send it out far and wide.