There’s some interesting stuff out there today

I am buried under laundry, house cleaning, caring for parent and children, organizing photos to be digitized (half price, thanks to a Groupon), getting out Christmas cards created and sent, and paying bills.  Coherent thought eludes me.  Cogent essays are an impossibility.

But, all is not lost!  Even as I moulder intellectually, others are writing smart things, which I hereby share with you:

More and more people are catching on to the fact that Obama is a problem, not a solution.

One of the things that slowed this realization was the mythology the media so relentlessly advanced regarding Obama.

There’s only so long, though, that you can hide $4,000,000 vacations from sight.

Given all the lying and hiding, it’s no wonder that people have been enjoying Newt’s penchant for stating out loud the things that others have been thinking.

Still, there are some qualified people I still wouldn’t want in the job.  Smart and decent, yes, but I just don’t like her.

Of course, some people are stating things that only paranoid crazies are thinking.

There are always those out there who are immune to reality, though, and view themselves as pathetic, but self-righteous, victims no matter their actual circumstances.

Fortunately, there are still good guys, and we’d do well to remember them.

Thankfully, we’re still clinging by our fingernails to a culture that gives everyone a chance.

And finally, an amusing article about a silly pastime.  (P.S.  I still like Facebook.)



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  • Earl

    I agree about Condi Rice, by the way….if we’re going to nominate a woman, I’ll take Michele Bachmann every time.

  • Danny Lemieux

    OK…I’ll byte: why don’t y’all like Condoleeza Rice? 

  • Bookworm

    I didn’t like her attitude towards Israel.  I do not believe that she is an antisemite, or even anti-Israel, the way those in the Bush administration are.  I just thought she showed remarkable naivete in dealing with the Palestinians. 

    Now John Bolton . . . .  He would be a great VP.  I’ve also become remarkably fond of Allen West.  Every time he opens his mouth, something smart and honest comes out.

  • Earl

    John Bolton…..Yes!  Colonel West, as well.
    Condoleeza’s specialty was/is the USSR.  It appeared to me that in that area she was sharp and imaginative….in the rest of the world, not so much.  And in relation to Israel, it was like she had been (at least partially) captured by the nomenklatura at Foggy Bottom.
    She’s a better academic than politician, I suspect….I don’t know what GW told her to accomplish at State, but she didn’t change the culture there much….and since “people are policy” that means that she failed to replace the Old Guard with folks who would reliably implement Bush’s policy.  I suspect that something similar would happen were she to achieve executive office, and that is NOT what we need.
    All of this may be totally unfair, but that’s how it looks from here.

  • JKB

    This political cartoonist, an Obamaphile, inadvertently reveals so much about Obama.  Not to mention his lack of understanding of our three branches of government

    The Reindeer | 

    It put me to mind of this from a description of life in the early 1900s with the horse and carriage.

    “…the special maIe ordeal of getting out of the carritge and walking up the steeper hills to lighten the load; and the more severe ordeal, for the unpracticed, of harnessing  horse which could recognize inexperience at one scornfui g!ance.”

    Who would expect Obama to do the male thing walking to relieve the load?  Or that his inexperience was, oh so, apparent.


    There certainly is some interesting and amusing stuff out there.
    From White House Dossier at – North Koreans are inconsolable over the news that Obama was forced to delay his Hawaii vacation.